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Weekend Workshops

Learning to Live in Bliss: Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Level One

August 26-28, 2011 in Kansas City area

Are you looking for more joy and connection?
Would you like to reduce stress and be more present?
Do you want to have more fun and meaning in your lovemaking?
Are You struggling with a lack of desire?

Ipsalu Tantra provides practices to manifest all this and more. Through uniting your body, mind, and spirit, you come into a place of balance and wholeness. You learn to connect your sexual energy with spirituality and expand your heart. As an accelerated path to personal growth and healing, this workshop can raise your vibration level and expand your conscious-ness. Ipsalu Tantra gives you exquisite time-tested techniques for learning to live in bliss.?

In this weekend you will learn how to:

  • ?Enhance intimacy and deepen and prolong lovemaking skills
  • Accept and love your body
  • Open yourself to manifest your heart’s desire
  • Open and surrender your self to infinite Love
  • Discover life to be spiritual and orgasmic simultaneously
  • Break through your limitations.
  • Discover your magnificence
  • Generate and channel unlimited energy, including sexual energy
  • Safely awaken kundalini energy using Babaji’s Cobra Breath
  • Become more empowered and better able to handle emotions?

The workshop includes use of conscious meditation, breath, sound, movement, nurturingmassage, dance, and emotional flow practices.
You will receive a practice to continue thebliss in your daily life. Singles, couples, and all sexual orientations are welcome!

Register for Level 1

Tuition: $350 per person. Tuition includes lunch Sat & Sun., follow-through materials and practice CD

Discounts! Register by August 5 and receive $20 discount with your $150 deposit.
Register with a friend and take an additional $30 off your registration. Reg. deadline Aug. 20th!

Workshop Times: Fri., 6:30-9:30pm; Sat 9-7pm, Sun 8;30-6:30pm

Contact: Karen at 816-523-4440

This class is presented in association with Ipsalu Tantra International,