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Sacred Relationship Monthly Classes

Transforming Our Community Through Creating More Loving Relationships

Sacred Relationship is a class for singles and couples to deepen your intimacy with yourself and others. Through a combination of learning to move energy, breath work, communication, and intimacy exercises, you will be able to feel more connection to the Divine in yourself and others. This is a series of classes in Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga with each class being independent. We work with sexual energy in a sacred, spiritual way. Come explore and learn in a safe environment.

Learn how to use sexual energy to propel you on your spiritual path through opening your heart and raising your consciousness .


South Leawood, KS or Olathe, KS

Email for a flier with the address and to be added to the class reminder list.


Suggested love offering of $10 to $20 per person

Your Presenters:

Karen Harrison is a Certified Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Reiki Master, and a Certified Sex Therapist. Ricky Yutuc is a Certified Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, a sound vibrational healer, and a musician. Karen and Ricky have been teaching couples and individuals with great results! 816-523-4440 Other presenters will help present at different classes.

Sign Up:

Go to the home page to sign up for email notices about the monthly Sacred Relationship/Tantra classes. Classes are usually the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month. Get info and sign up for a class or an event from the info in the calendar below.

Former Class Dates and Topics:

Saturday, Jan. 15 Activating Kundalini Energy
Saturday, Feb. 19 Sacred Movement with Maya Zahira
Saturday, April 2 Journey to a Kirtan at Stone Spirit Lodge
Saturday, April 30 Tantra Movie night
Saturday, May 7 Journey to Divine Feminine Kirtan
Saturday, June 11 Learning to Live in Bliss - Preview for Level One Tantra weekend
Saturday, July 23 More Learning to Live in Bliss Preview for Level One Tantra weekend
Fri-Sun Aug. 26-28 Learning to Live in Bliss weekend tantra class
Saturday, Sept. 17 Passion Party
Saturday, Oct. 15 Halloween Tantra Treats
Saturday, Nov. 12 Gratitude for our bodies and our partners
Saturday, Dec. 1- Tantric Feast and Ecstatic Dance

Saturday, Jan. 16 – Partner Massage
Saturday, Feb. 20 – Conscious Eating
Tuesday, April 6 – Embodied Meditation at Unity Church of Overland Park
Saturday, April 10 – Sacred Energy
Saturday, May 8 – Journey to Divine Love – Musical event at Aquarius
Friday, June 18 - Tantra for Women – Connecting to your inner goddess
Friday, July 23 – Tantra for Men – Have you ever really loved a woman – part 1
Tuesday, August 3 – Delights of Summer at Unity Church of Overland Park
Friday, August 6 – Tantra for Men – part 2
Saturday, August 21 – Creating a Tantric Night of Pleasure
Sept. – no classes
Saturday, Oct. 30 Halloween Tantra Treats

Tuesday, Jan. 6 – Are You Present Yet?
Saturday, Feb. 21- Partner Yoga
Saturday, March 21 – Communicating in Love
Saturday, April 18 – Journey Through the Chakras at Aquarius – special event with live music & more!
Saturday, May 16 – Chanting for Bliss
Saturday, June 13 – Awakening the Senses
Saturday, August 29 – Hawaiian Night
Saturday, October 3 – Journey Through the Chakras 2 – at Aquarius in Midtown – live music
Saturday, Nov. 14 – Kirtan
Tuesday, Dec. 1 – Kirtan at Unity Church of Overland Park

Monday, May 19, 2008 – Chanting for Bliss
Monday, July 7 – Awakening the Senses
Saturday, August 16 – Creating Romance in Your Daily Life
Saturday, September 13 – Being Present
Saturday, Nov. 15 – Gratitude for Being Present in Body
Saturday, Dec. 20 – Tantric Feast

Mon. Jan. 13 – Tantric Feast
Mon. Feb. 5 – A Helping of Bliss – Preview for Level One
Sunday March 11 – A Second Helping of Bliss – Preview for Level One
Monday, April 16 –Kundalini Yoga
Monday May 21 – Creating Romance in Daily Life
Monday, July 16 – Creating Bliss with Sensual Foods
Monday, August 20 – Learning to Live in Bliss Preview
Mon., Sept. 17 – Sacred Safe Touch
Monday, Oct. 15 – Kundalini Yoga

Tues., Jan. 10 – Dancing our Way to Bliss
Mon., Feb. 6 – Activating Kundalini Energy
Tues., March 14 – Creating Sex Magic
Thur., March 30 – 3 Fool Proof Keys to Greater Sexual Intimacy
Mon., May 15 – Tantra Yoga for Two
Mon.., June 19 – Learning to Live in Bliss – Preview for Level One
Mon. July 17 – More Learning to Live in Bliss – Preview for Level One
No class in August
Thur. Sept. 14 – Ipsalu Tantra Practicum Group
Mon. September 18 – For Women Only – Loving the Body You Have
Mon. Oct. 16 – Awakening Our Senses
Mon. Nov 13 – Gratitude for Our Bodies
Sat. Dec. 16 – Tantra Party

March 7- Intro to Energy in Relationships
April 4 - Moving Energy with Your Partner
May 2 - Using Breath in Relationships
June 6 - The Magic of Touch
July 12 - Clearing Connections in Relationships
August 1 - Creating Sacred Space
Tues. Sept. 13 – Communicating in Love
Mon., Oct. 3 – Chanting & Sounds for Bliss
Mon., Nov. 7 – Working with our Inner Masculine and Feminine
Mon., Dec. 5 – Tantric Feast


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