Reiki Call

Reiki Call™  – A Free Monthly Podcast with Karen Harrison


We talk about all Reiki topics and share Reiki

Reiki Call™ is for everyone in the Reiki community,including all lineages and levels of training. We cover Reiki topics and questions such as Reiki techniques for empaths, teaching Reiki, Reiki sessions, Reiki training, Reiki business practices, Reiki healing techniques, using Reiki with other modalities, personal development, and spiritual growth. 


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Archived Reiki Call™ Podcasts


Reiki Call – November 2017 – Reiki Q and A
Reiki Call – October 2017 – Support for World Problems
Reiki Call – September 2017 – Hurricane Support
Reiki Call – August 2017 – Eclipse, Volunteer Opportunities
Reiki Call – July 2017 – Distance Reiki and baby Reiki
Reiki Call – June 2017 – How to Use Essential Oils with Reiki
Reiki Call – May 2017 – Strengthening your Reiki Energy and Powering Up  –
Reiki Call – April 2017 – Sharing Reiki Experiences –