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Are you thinking about having a Reiki session but have questions? Maybe you just want to get a feel for who I am and see if we are a good match. Let’s chat – free for up to 15 minutes. Give me a call at 913-526-6556. 

What to expect during a Reiki Session with Karen

After you complete paperwork, we will talk briefly to confirm what your goals are for the session. Next, you lay on the massage table on your back, fully clothed. If you are ok with it, I like to begin with a prayer. Then I check your chakras for openness and flow and give you a simple method to get any blocked chakras flowing again. The next step is to check for blockages in your entire energy field using my hand in a technique called Byosen Scanning. I will relay where I feel the blockages. Depending on what I find and your goals, I might offer you an advanced Reiki technique to clear blocked energy or to release unwanted energy. I can also give Reiki over the entire front of your body and your back as time allows, or focus primarily on problem areas. Hand positions can be done on the body or over the body with any sensitive areas done with hands over the body. We may talk some or be silent. I also have techniques that I have developed for dealing with emotional issues and trauma. See more details below. 

A Reiki session feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. A standard session involves placing the hands on or over the head, torso, knees, and feet. Sessions are usually scheduled for 55 minutes and sometimes I can accommodate a 1 ½ hour session. 

Can Reiki be done at a distance?

Reiki, like prayer, works at a distance very well. I will work with you similarly to an in person Reiki session. We will set up an appointment during which time you will relax. Our session can be conducted over Zoom, Facetime, or on the phone. I connect with you energetically and then follow the same procedures as for an in-person session. 



Or you can call Karen Harrison at 913-526-6556 or email reiki@karenharrison.net.

Office Hours
Tuesday 1-7
Thursday 3-7

Other times may be available

Karen’s Colleagues

If the times Karen has available don’t meet your needs, check out her wonderful colleagues who share her office. They are former students of Karen’s and she goes to them for sessions. 

Meredith Trewolla – Wednesdays and occasional Saturdays – email mer@meredithtrewolla.com or check out her website at www.meredithtrewolla.com

Grace Lindsay – Fridays and occasional Saturdays – Note: Grace offers Akashic Record Readings and Akashic energy work but not regular Reiki sessions – email – info@akashicgrace.com or check out her website at www.akashicgrace.com

In person: $90 for 1 hour
Distant Reiki: $90 for 1 hour

Pet/Animal Companion Reiki done live on Zoom: $90 per session and can include caregiver

Reiki with Raindrop Technique is an additional $20.  Raindrop Technique involves placing essential oils on the back. For more info, ask Karen. 

If you need to cancel, please give at least 24 hours notice so that someone else may come in. Otherwise there is a charge of $45 unless the cancellation is due to bad weather or Covid. 



Karen’s Reiki Services

Healing Trauma

Reiki can help faster than counseling at times with some issues, such as old traumas, grief, guilt, shame, and more. You are welcome to talk about your issues in Reiki and I will give Reiki to where you feel that issue in your body to release it. 

I have a special Reiki procedure to actually lift an issue out of the client’s body and then fill that area of the body with healing energy. I have used this procedure effectively with abuse issues, healing for past romantic relationships, healing for childhood issues, healing a recent rape, healing an eating disorder, and more. During a Reiki session, I sometimes utilize inner child work and spiritual healing (working with Holy Spirit) to help with trauma release work. These traumas can be anything in life that feels  unresolved.

Healing Spirit Attachments

I have a Reiki procedure to clear and heal spirit attachments, and then heal the part of yourself that allowed the spirit to attach. 

Balancing and Clearing Chakras

Many people come for sessions because they feel their chakras are blocked and unbalanced. Reiki can clear stuck energy and balance your chakras. 

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Letting go of stress, worry, and anxiety is another main reason people come for Reiki sessions.

Reducing Pain

Reiki has been shown to be helpful in reducing physical pain, such as headaches, backaches, and more. 

Spiritual Healing

Reiki is spiritual healing that helps to clear all kinds of blockages and negative energy, which can keep you from living your best life. 

Pet/Animal Companion Session

Animals benefit from Reiki too and a session can help with injury, fears, separation anxiety, pain reduction, disharmony with other family members/pets, behavior problems, and more. 


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