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Schedule a Counseling Session – Note – I am not currently taking new counseling clients and I am taking new Reiki clients. Reiki energy healing can help with anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. 

Call 816-523-4440 or email counselor@karenharrison.net.

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Tuesday 10-5
Wednesday 5-8

Other times may be available

Free Consult

I like to be able to speak with you on the phone for 10 to 15 minutes (free!) prior to scheduling a session to determine that working together is likely to be a good fit for both of us. I will ask you what you want to address in counseling and get an overview of your issues. Then we will either schedule or I will give you a referral to someone else. Since you have read this far, it is likely that you know what issues I work with and what my approach is so we will be able to work well together.


Please call 816-523-4440 or email counselor@karenharrison.net for further information.

Combining Reiki and Counseling

People often ask me whether to choose to work with me through my counseling or Reiki practice. If you have emotional or mental issues and haven’t utilized counseling before or only in a limited way, it might be best for you to try counseling. If you have primarily physical issues or if you have had counseling which did not resolve your issues, it might be best to try Reiki. Once you are a counseling or Reiki client, you cannot switch with me for two years after the last session, due to the ethical and liability issues associated with my counseling profession.


Can Reiki and counseling be combined?

I can combine counseling and Reiki in a few ways. Because of the ethics and liability issues of my counseling profession, I do not place my counseling clients on the Reiki table. I can work very effectively with my hands over the body or in a limited number of hands on positions while the client is sitting in a chair. During a counseling session, I might use Reiki healing with a guided visualization to heal past issues. I can also use a special Reiki procedure to actually lift an issue out of the client’s body and then fill that area of the body with healing energy. I have used this procedure effectively with abuse issues, healing for past romantic relationships, healing for childhood issues, healing a recent rape, healing an eating disorder, and more. During a Reiki session, I sometimes utilize inner child work and spiritual healing (working with angels, Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, or Buddha) to help with trauma release work. These traumas can be anything in life for which you do not feel resolved.

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