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Karen’s mission is to enable others to grow on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional levels. With her counseling, she empowers others to create open, honest, and loving relationships.

Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher

Welcome to my website! I am glad you stopped by. I created the name Whole Life Center to reflect the diversity of my services including: Reiki training, Reiki sessions, counseling, sex therapy, Tantra Sessions, Amethyst BioMats, and education and distribution of Young Living Essential Oils. I believe many things contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Check out my wellness offerings on my site that help you to Love Your Whole Life!

What is Reiki? Reiki is energy healing that is also considered spiritual healing, using the energy of God and the Universe. In a Reiki training class, you learn how to use Reiki symbols to amplify your healing energy. After you take the beginning Reiki class, you can advance to Reiki teacher training and become a Reiki Master. In a Reiki class and in a Reiki session, you receive Reiki healing energy, which feels very soothing and reduces stress while giving a sense of peace.

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