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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki – see frequently asked questions.

Receive a deep healing and a blessing from your spiritual source.


What is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Originating in Japan, the word Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy. It helps a person’s natural ability to heal on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method that everyone can use.

What are the benefits of Reiki?
Reiki promotes healing of every known illness. It compliments medical and all other healing methods.  Reduces stress and increases relaxation. Improves mood. Increases energy and vitality. Relieves pain. Helps manifest goals. Enhances spirituality. Heals and changes unwanted habits. Improves relationships. Facilitates distant healing that transcends time and space.

How does Reiki work?
The spiritually guided life force energy comes through the Reiki practitioner’s hands and into the body of the client. The energy goes exactly where it’s needed. This is similar to many spiritual traditions, which employ “laying on of hands”, although Reiki is not associated with any religion.

What is a Reiki session like?
A Reiki session feels like a wonderful, warm radiance that flows through and around the client. The client lays on a massage table fully clothed. A standard session involves placing the hands on or over the head, torso, knees, and feet. Sessions last from 55 minutes to 1 ½ hours. Find out more about Reiki sessions

Can Reiki be done at a distance?
Yes. Reiki, like prayer, works at a distance very well. Karen will work with you similarly to an in person Reiki session. She will set up an appointment with you during which time you will relax. At the beginning of the session, Karen will call you to check in on what you would like to have worked on. Then she will connect with you energetically from a distance and through using Byosen Scanning, determine where you body needs Reiki. After giving Reiki for an hour or longer depending on the scheduled session length, Karen will call you to see what you felt and share what she found and where she treated. The fee for distant Reiki is the same as for in person Reiki.

What are some conditions Reiki can assist with?
Tension, stress, headaches, migraines, back/neck/shoulder pain, stuck emotions: guilt/grief/anger, gastrointestinal distress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, surgical preparation & recovery, insomnia, blocked creativity, chronic conditions, and side effects of chemotherapy. Reiki can also help with healing emotional wounds, like the loss of a loved one or pet. Reiki works well with all kinds of old, stuck issues.

How can I learn Reiki?
The ability to use Reiki is simple to learn and is transferred to the student during a Reiki class. Reiki is taught in levels – Reiki I, II, Reiki Master, and Karuna Reiki® Master. My classes are taught in person and online on Zoom.  The online classes are the same as the in-person classes. In fact, you may be in a class with people in-person and online at the same time.  Attending online allows you to strengthen your distance Reiki skills. 

Who can learn Reiki?
Anyone with a desire can learn Reiki because it is very simple to learn and use. I have taught people from ages 3 to 87. There are no prerequisites to learn Reiki Level I.

What is a Reiki attunement?
The ability to use Reiki is transferred from the Reiki Master teacher to the student during class through an attunement (now called a Placement), which is a gift of Grace from God/Creator and allows the student to tap into an unlimited supply of life force energy. The student can access this life force energy to heal oneself, others, pets, plants, the planet, and enhance the quality of one’s life. Because Reiki is a pure form of healing, the student is able to use the energy right away and does not need to have individual talent, acquired ability, or spend years meditating or learning to cultivate energy. The Placement is received during a guided meditation.

Will I get a certificate?
You will receive a beautiful certificate from the International Center for Reiki Training at the completion of class, signed by William Rand and me.

What time is class?
Classes are 9am to 6:30pm. Check the calendar for info about your class.

Where is the class?
Check out the calendar for the location of your class. In Kansas City I teach in my home in southern Leawood, KS and send the info out about 1 week prior to class.

How much is the class?
Reiki I and II class is $495, Reiki Master and Karuna are $1296 each.

Do you offer any discounts or payment plans for class?
Yes, I offer an early registration discount and payment plans. Email karen@karenharrison.net for the details.

Can I get continuing education credit for the classes?
You can have a Certificate of Completion documenting the hours and days of the class that you may turn into your licensing board for potential credit. For more info, see the link on CEs.

Is there something I can study prior to Reiki I and II Class?
I suggest the book I use in class, which is “Reiki the Healing Touch” by William Lee Rand. You can order it from www.Reiki.org. Get it in the spiral bound version, purple color, which is what we use for class. You will receive this manual in class so you can pass the extra one along to a friend or family member. Note, that this is different from the Reiki Touch Kit by William Lee Rand. Also check out my Youtube channel for a number of Reiki videos, including information about chakras. And see my many articles on Reiki in the Reiki Articles section of this website.

Are there any prerequisites for Reiki I?
No, this is a beginner’s class open to anyone. I taught my daughter Reiki when she was 4 years old and you can easily learn it too.

Will I be able to learn Reiki and give Reiki?
This is a fear some students have that they will not be able to learn how to do Reiki, feel the energy, or give Reiki to others. The attunement (Placement) to Reiki always works and I have never had a student who was unable to give Reiki at the end of the Reiki I and II Class. Occasionally a student is not able to perceive his or her own ability to give Reiki. I always check in class for everyone’s ability to feel his or her own energy and the energy of the person giving Reiki to you.

Should I wait 3 months after taking Reiki I to take Reiki II?
Our Reiki class is taught with Reiki I and II together.  Students who take Reiki I and II together  have greater healing skills, more confidence in their ability to use Reiki, and better knowledge of how to use Reiki for themselves and others. In Reiki II we learn how to do a complete Reiki session so if you were to take only Reiki I, you would miss that. Also in Reiki II, you learn how to send Reiki at a distance to your friends and family members who need healing. As one of my students put it, taking Reiki II brought everything together for her. There is also a rapport that is created between class members over the weekend.

Can I learn Reiki if I am sick, recovering, or disabled?
Yes! Reiki will help you to heal, recover more quickly, and empower you to be the best you possible. Accommodations can be made for you in class to sit while giving treatments to others. You can take a nap while you receive your daily Reiki session. You can discuss your special needs with Karen prior to class so that accommodations can be made.

Can I give Reiki to others if I am sick or recovering?
Yes! Sometimes students wonder if their health issue will cause them to transfer “bad” energy to another. Because Reiki comes from Creator and is not the student’s own energy, the student will only be able to transfer positive energy as long as the student is intending to use Reiki. Additionally, because Reiki flows through the giver, the giver receives Reiki energy while also giving it. You can enjoy the gift of service and enhance your own wellbeing by giving Reiki to others. During a Reiki session, the student intends to set one’s personality and ego aside to be a clear and open channel for only the highest and holiest Reiki energy. The life force energy passes through the student regardless of the student’s physical condition so even students who have illnesses are able to learn Reiki to benefit themselves and others.

What is the format of the class?
We have a combination of education and hands on practice, with the hands on portion comprising over half the class. For more details, check out Class Description.

What should I wear to class?
Dress comfortably in layers as many students get warm when doing energy work while a few get cold.

Can I come late to class or leave early?
There is only a little flexibility with coming late or leaving early for Reiki Class. In order to qualify for your certificate or continuing education credits, you must complete the entire class and participate in all activities. Please discuss your situation with me prior to registering for class.

What can I expect in Reiki Class?
You will learn in a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental environment where diversity is welcome. Classes are a mixture of education, demonstration, and hands on practice. What is expected of me in Reiki class? Participate in the hands-on portions and attend the whole day.

Is there support available to me after class?
Absolutely! I am available for questions by phone or email for years to come. You will also connect with class members with whom you can share Reiki and experiences. I set up a secret Facebook group for each level of classes so that class members can request Reiki, share experiences, and ask questions. I offer a monthly Reiki Share online called Reiki Call and you will be invited to participate. We share Reiki and have a Reiki question and answer time. If you live in the Kansas City area, you can come to Reiki Circle twice a month and continue to learn and practice. There are also Reiki Circles in many large cities. Get on my email list to receive my monthly Reiki newsletter.

I have had Reiki I from someone else and want to know if I can take Reiki II with you.
Yes, and the ICRT policy is for everyone to take Reiki I and II together. You will likely learn some new things in Reiki I class. And everyone will be on the same page for Reiki II. If money is a concern, discuss your situation with me by email.

I am a Christian and have concerns over whether Reiki is compatible with my religion.
Jesus is quoted in John 14:12 as saying, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I go to the Father.” We know that Jesus practiced laying on hands type healing, therefore, it is scriptural for Christians to practice healing by laying on hands. Check out all the information on www.christianreiki.org. There are many Bible verses that relate to healing and letters from nuns, priests, and ministers who practice Reiki.

Do medical professionals approve of Reiki?
Reiki is being embraced by many prestigious hospitals where it is offered as a part of standard of care. According to the American Hospital Association, in 2007, 15% or over 800 American hospitals offered Reiki as part of hospital services.

Dr. Oz stated “Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals.” He admonished his audience to “Try Reiki!”

Is there any available research on Reiki?
William Rand created the Center for Reiki Research – www.centerforreikiresearch.org.  As of 2017, there are 68 articles published on Reiki research. Research with Reiki has shown it to have promising results with acute and chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety, relaxation, and practitioner (usually nurses) well-being. Additionally, for patients undergoing chemotherapy, pain has been reduced and well-being has increased. A study with knee replacement showed significant pain reduction, reduced need for pain medication, and a reduced length of hospital stay. Another study showed that Reiki was as good as cognitive behavioral therapy to reduce depression in adolescents. There are currently 27 peer-reviewed research articles published on Reiki in the last 5 years.

“Reiki is one of the leading safe Energy Medicine approaches. The study summaries provided by the Center for Reiki Research are the best source for information on Reiki Research.” – C. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D., Founder, American Holistic Medical Association

How many people have received Reiki?
From Center for Reiki Research – A study done in 2007 by the National Health Interview Survey indicates that 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children received one or more sessions of energy healing therapy such as Reiki in the previous year.

What about Reiki in the military?
According to www.militarymentalhealth.org, “Its roots in the military go back to July of 2007, when a Dr. John Fortunato, a Vietnam veteran, clinical psychologist, and former Benedictine monk started the Fort Bliss Restoration and Resilience center in Texas (it offered meditation, yoga, massage, and Reiki in addition to other holistic healing methods). The then Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, and Army Chief of Staff General George Casey both praised the program and felt it should be replicated throughout the military.

See the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)  – Statement on Supporting Social Diversity

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