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Tantra Definition and Karen’s Background

Karen’s Tantra Background and Approach

Transforming Our Community Through Creating More Loving Relationships
I have studied and practiced tantra since 2000, studying with various teachers and schools, which include Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga, Tantra Heart, Quodoushka, Anyaa McAndrew, Baba Dez Nichols, David Cates, and Sky Dancing Tantra.

My approach is tailored to meet the needs of the couple or female individual coming to me. I am also able to use my background as a sex therapist to help improve all aspects of sexuality. Tantra is a spiritual approach to sexuality and much more – see below.

I do not provide tantric massage.

What is Tantra?

From Judy Kuriansky, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex

The word “tantra” comes from ancient Sanskrit language meaning “expansion through awareness.” Tantra is a spiritual path that involves specific practices that use breath, sounds, movements, and symbols to quiet the mind and activate sexual energy, directing it throughout the body to achieve states of consciousness and bliss. Tantra traditions come from ancient practices in India, Nepal, and China. Whereas once they were reserved for royalty, now they are for all of us.

The practices also help heal past hurts, often stored in sexual centers of the body, so that you can be more fully present in the moment and open to love. When practiced together, the techniques bring about a powerful flow of energy between you and your partner, which energizes your being and expands your love for each other and the universe.

What is Tantric Sex?

  • Achieving a balance between male and female energies within the self and with a partner.
  • Sexuality that directs energy toward free expression and breaks barriers internally and interpersonally. This is attained by elevating sex acts into a divine practice and uniting as beloveds for whom every touch and movement is considered a divine gift.
  • Aligning with another being and with the world through divine sexual experience.
  • Celebrating sexual union as an honoring of all beings and creation.
  • Practices that liberate the soul to experience the highest levels of bliss.


What is White and Red Tantra?
White tantra refers to the practices that are more physical, and related to yoga and other physical fitness. Yoga is the most popular of the white tantra paths. Many tantric masters are also yoga masters who have studied and practiced poses for many years. Yoga helps you focus on your body, still your mind, strengthen and stretch your body, and control your movements. All that can help you achieve ejaculatory control and multiple orgasms, and benefit your overall health as well as the physical experience of the transcendent energy you share with your beloved.
Red tantra refers to the practices that are more sexual in nature or that use powerful sexual energy, channeled in a highly spiritual manner.

What is Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga?
– From The Ipsalu Formula by Bodhi Avinasha
Based on Kriya Yoga, it is a science of ancient, proven techniques leading directly to cosmic consciousness and Self Realization within this lifetime. The key practice is cobra breath, a technique to transmute sexual energy. First level cobra breath quickly opens the 3rd eye. As this center is energized, you become able to perceive things as they are, rather than perceiving selectively only that which supports your ego positions. It is considered “pink tantra” because it strikes a middle-point between the red and white orientations. It is more concerned with coming into the heart energy, surrendering to unconditional love. Ipsalu tantra also has a set of daily practices, advancing levels of classes, books available, and quality training from certified teachers. Additionally the daily practices involve doing a set of techniques in a specific sequence that will move you into a state of bliss.

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