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BioBelt with 8 types of Precious Jewels

Are you frustrated with:

  • Stubborn belly fat?
  • Time-consuming pain treatments?
  • Compromised immunity?
  • Dieting and strenuous exercise regimes that result in more fatigue, more injuries and no inches lost where it matters most?

Introducing the solution, the BioBelt!

The BioBelt is a brand new wrappable BioMat with 8 types of precious jewels!

The highly anticipated BioBelt helps you melt that stubborn abdominal fat, relieve pain in targeted areas such as the back, and delivers Smooth Far-Infrared Rays with 8 precious gemstones, all in a sleek and versatile adjustable belt.

Perhaps you, or your customers, suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and/or high cholesterol due to excessive abdominal fat, that despite your best efforts JUST WON’T GO AWAY! The main reason abdominal fat increases in our body is due to a mild almost unnoticeable hypothermia. Hypothermia is the lack of adequate heat in the body, and when our internal organs aren’t getting the warmth they need for effective digestion immune function, the body stores fat to retain its own heat.

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This is the first BioMat that you can actually wear! Using the same Far Infrared technology as the other Richway BioMats, the BioBelt wraps around your waist to relieve back pain, burn stomach fat and tighten the abdomen.

“I have been using the BioBelt for almost 5 weeks now and have lost 3? around my waist. I encourage people when they get one to take one Detoxi salt in water, which will help to break up the visceral fat around the waist. You can also spray some Detoxi Salts around your abdomen, lay a thin towel over it and then the BioBelt. You can also lay the BioBelt over your stomach while laying on the BioMat.”

*Average results may vary. The average consumer results have not been calculated as this is a new product to the market.

BioBelt Customer

Because of it’s unique size and flexibility the BioBelt delivers a variety with ease and convenience:

  • Targeted pain relief – wrap around your thigh, calf, knees, over your shoulders for soothing pain relief.
  • Constipation relief – rub Organic Castor Oil across the lower abdomen, then place a small 100% cotton towel between the skin and the BioBelt to prevent staining. This greatly stimulates peristalsis.
  • Stress relief – Wearing the BioBelt backwards across the kidneys, brings more ‘life force energy’ to the kidneys while lowering cortisol production in the adrenals.
  • Improve your immune system – 90% of serotonin exists in the small intestine. By warming the abdominal region with smooth far-infrared, the beneficial bacteria become more active, producing heat shock protein and increasing our level of immunity.
  • Increase your energy – One user wore the BioBelt while bouncing on a mini trampoline and found it to be very energizing! The BioBelt can also be used while sitting in a chair at work, reading a book or watching TV for added benefits. [Recommend uses provided by Russ Newman – Lymphologist]

The 8 jewels are amethyst, tourmaline, green jade, tiger eye, elvan, crystal, citrine, and topaz.

Amethyst – knows as the jewelry of healing.
Green jade – generates deep and smooth far infrared radiation.
Tourmaline – generates natural ions.
Crystal – contains strong in-body purification functions.
Citrine – stabilizes the mind.
Topaz – generates strong far infrared radiation.
Elvan – discharges bodily waste through the deep effect of far infrared radiation.

To order, email Karen Harrison at karen@karenharrison.net, or call Karen at 913-526-6556.

Cost $670

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