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Counseling Testimonials

“It truly changed my life. The cognitive therapy addressed my primary initial concern about performance and the tantra techniques were “a step beyond.” MC

“In counseling I gained an understanding about why I was feeling the way I did regarding my wife’s death and moved past the guilt! I would not have survived without Karen’s help. Karen, thank you so much!” JB

“I came to Karen shortly after leaving my marriage and worked through shame, anger, trauma, and confusion with her for a year. Now about to be officially divorced, I have clarity, self-esteem, and a better relationship with my ex than I would have dreamed. Karen was so supportive and the added spiritual dimension made all the difference in my healing.“ LS

“These sessions were amazing and we are changed, open, and more in love than ever. Therapy enabled me to close the gap on any trust issues I had leftover from the past. It brought me back to the first six months of our marriage. Thank you very much!” LC

“We are more relaxed around sexual issues and more able to laugh. I feel like I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I feel more normal. We got tools and ideas to be able to communicate better and a lot of things to try. There was very good variety for problem solving.” B & S S

“I appreciated the guidance from someone who is not in the situation to help give me perspective and tools to handle things on my own. It has been a confidence booster and brought the clarity I was looking for. Thank you!” AD

“I appreciated knowing that there was always someone there who understood me to the core and used that knowledge to guide me in my way. I always felt respected and encouraged to be myself. Karen really helped me stop my negative self-talk.” CB

“Karen validated my concerns and gave us tools to better deal with our issues.” HL

“We got communication tools to help solve conflicts or approach sensitive subjects.” JW

“Karen was a supportive resource to encourage, uplift, point out and work with strengths. She offered methods to utilize in grief resolution. Karen is fantastic and much appreciated! Thank you!!” JR

“I was able to truly open up about questions and concerns without being judged and I got to decide what I wanted to work on.” HW

“I am more self-confident and we are able to relate to each other more effectively.” R & L S

“We learned to communicate better and love and respect each other. My wife feels good about herself.” M

“We regained confidence and trust in ourselves and in each other. The book Karen recommended, Real Love, helped a lot.” C & A A

“I now understand that my experience is typical or normal in ways I had not recognized.” JE

“Counseling saved my marriage as well as gave me steps to form a healthy polyamorous relationship.”  DO

“The combination of Reiki and talk therapy combined with unconditional respect, proving options and alternate ways of thinking about issues was great. Thank you Karen! You are a gift and a blessing!” RB

“Karen, thank you for enabling me to work toward a functional and loving relationship! Karen was willing to try different approaches until we figured out how to work toward a solution. She was good at breaking down small goals and tracking my progress through continued assessment.” AC

“We discovered what was most important for us – the quality of time together and the quality, not quantity of our sex life.” R & A M

“I reclaimed my sense of self and the woman I want to be.” DP

“It felt saver to talk about things here than at home at times.”  FH

“Counseling helped me by talking about things and getting objective feedback.” TD

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