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Reiki Master

Reiki Master

What is a Reiki Master?

Reiki is energy or spiritual healing that reduces stress and promotes healing. In Reiki, there are levels of study. A person begins with Reiki I and II, in which you learn how to give yourself treatments and give someone else a standard treatment. In Reiki II you learn how to use Reiki symbols to amplify your healing energy. You also learn how to put a whole treatment together, including scanning the body for energy blockages and how to give intuitive treatments guided by your scanning. One of the most important things you learn is sending Reiki at a distance, so you can help your family and friends who don’t live in the same city as you. You also learn how to send Reiki to crisis situations in the world as well as how to contribute to world peace. These are important skills for today’s world!

With 6 months practice, you can go onto the next level, which is Reiki Master. In this class, you receive purification healing and then the empowerments for the master level, which increase your healing power and connection to God/Source. You are gifted with a repeatable way to experience the beautiful energy of the Divine. Some have beautiful visions and others feel themselves opening to Holy Love and Divine Consciousness. What bliss!

In our Reiki Master Training class, you are also given the ability to teach Reiki to others if you choose. Many people pursue becoming a Reiki Master to use the energy for themselves and their families. There is no requirement to teach. And many people later find they are drawn to share this wonderful healing energy with others, even if it is with just a few loved ones. Others will choose to teach Reiki professionally.

When you complete the Reiki Master course, you are a Reiki Master Practitioner. After you have taught one person, you become a Reiki Master Teacher. In teaching Reiki to others, you can experience great joy as you witness the amazement from your students who are experiencing Reiki for the first time.

The school of Reiki that I teach is Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki, which is working with the energy of God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus if you like Jesus. See Holy Fire FAQS for more information on Holy Fire® Reiki. Dr. Usui was the original founder of the Reiki healing method that is taught around the world. Many people have been guided to improve upon and further develop the gift of Reiki that he gave us from his time meditating with God/Source. In Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki, we teach many of the same things taught in a Usui Reiki course with the addition of the Holy Fire® energy. There are many wonderful things you will learn and experience in the Reiki Master Training class. For a complete course description, click here. To sign up for a Reiki class, click here.

Becoming a Reiki Master does not mean you have mastered Reiki, but that you are in a process of allowing the energy to master you. Reiki is a spiritual path that connects you to God/Source/Divine and allows you to feel God’s energy for yourself. I often think of it as embodied spirituality. Through taking the Reiki Master course, you are gifted with a way to solve problems and to manifest in harmony with God’s will. Reiki enables you to establish your Divine presence on earth and accomplish your Divine purpose on earth. Thus, you can release blockages that are holding you back and realize your full potential, accessing all of your spiritual gifts.

Reiki is practical energy for today’s problems and with the Reiki Master level, we can better help ourselves and our loved ones with a range of problems that encompass physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and work issues. It is a gift for which I am so grateful!



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