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Reiki Symbols

Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols are keys that connect to higher levels of healing. As Reiki practitioners, we are intending to call on the energy of God, Source, or the Divine by whatever name you call it. A student receives three symbols in Reiki II class: the Power symbol, the Mental/emotional symbol, and the Distant Healing symbol. When a practitioner activates Reiki, it is like turning on a radio. When she dials in a station, it is like connecting to one of the symbols. We are more connected to the source of Divine Guidance, intelligence and power once we receive the empowerment for the Second Degree Reiki symbols.

The Power symbol increases the power of the practitioner’s healing energy and provides protection. The Mental/emotional symbol is for healing emotions and thoughts of all kinds like fear, anxiety, sadness, and repetitive thoughts. A student also learns how to use the symbol to heal relationships. With the Distant Healing symbol, a practitioner can send Reiki to anyone at any time. For example, a practitioner might want to send Reiki to her niece’s upcoming CPA exam so that she will be calm and centered during the exam and remember what she has studied. In class, students learn how to use the Distant Healing symbol to send healing energy ahead of time so that the energy will be there when needed. We always intend to send energy for the highest good of all concerned. Healing energy can also be sent back in time to help heal difficult situations like an accident, a divorce, or a job loss.

The symbols are empowered by a Placement, called an Attunement in other lineages of Reiki. When students are given the symbols to learn prior to class, they don’t seem to do much. At class, the students are given the empowerment to the symbols through the Placement and then the symbols amplify the Reiki energy.

Empaths or highly sensitive people especially benefit from learning the symbols to strengthen and protect their energy from others. The Power symbol strengthens one’s aura and can be used to clear and enhance energy in one’s home or office. Many also use it to protect their car while driving. Empaths can use the Mental/Emotional symbol like a transmuting shield to catch emotional energy coming their way from others to diffuse it.

There is much more to share about Reiki symbols and it is all covered in my Reiki II classes. We learn how to use Reiki for ourselves, our loved ones, and our pets. Our manual, Reiki the Healing Touch, by William Lee Rand, also covers the symbols in depth. As a student advances in levels of Reiki, there are a few more symbols to learn. Knowing about the symbols is only the first step. We spend much time practicing using the symbols. As we practice giving Reiki energy, we get to feel healing energy from God. I think of Reiki as embodied spirituality. We not only get to know about the Divine, we also get to feel the power for ourselves. That is truly a blessing.

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