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Tuesday, May. 16th 2017

Abundantly Overflowing: Ways to Manifest

Abundantly Overflowing: Ways to Manifest

By Karen K. Harrison

First Published in Evolving Magazine November 2011

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Abundantly overflowing is my life. Here is a
confession: My bookkeeper, who will remain
unnamed, rubbed my checkbook over all her
chakras when she came to work on my busi-
ness bookkeeping to manifest more abundance in her life.
We certainly had a good laugh over that. While it might
work, I wanted to write this article to share what has
worked for me to manifest abundance in my life.
Abundance can mean many things in addition to
money. I think of it as having and being everything good
in life: fulfilling work, loving relationships, time with
family, fun trips, a love-filled home, great health, uplift-
ing spiritual practices and time for self. Out of all these
things, often flows enough money. In my own life, I have
abundance in most all these areas and am working on
more time for myself. My counseling practice and Reiki
classes are often full, sometimes with a wait list..I love
my work counseling and teaching Reiki, tantra, and es-
sential oils. My home is a sanctuary where many people
feel wonderful energy and they don’t want to leave. Five
years ago, I met my beloved on Match.com and even
though the term is overused, I feel he is my soul mate. It
is so rewarding to have a partner with whom I enjoy
working, living and doing anything. Actually, I attracted
someone even better than what I asked for. Thank you,
God! And my health is great and so much better than it
used to be.

So, you might be wondering, how I did it and how
you can too. Here are some of the abundance practices
that I have acquired from many sources over the years:

When manifesting anything, state what you want to
God, Creator, in specific terms and add the phrase
on the end, “For the highest good of all concerned.”
Release how the outcome looks and be open to it
appearing somewhat different from what you may
have expected. For example, one time a Reiki class
didn’t have enough students and I cancelled it. In-
stead, I was able to take a tantra workshop in the
lineage for which I am now teaching.

♦ Enlist the support of others for your desires. I have
two prayer partners with whom I pray weekly for
anything and everything in our lives.

♦ Additionally I have a number of Reiki tools to
manifest healing and abundance. Reiki, natural heal-
ing energy, is like having a longer prayer session
and it can be used to manifest anything. During the
recession, I have had my most profitable years and I
have helped the most people. I got creative on pay-
ment plans and trades for my Reiki students. My
intention is to be of the greatest service to others
while taking great care of myself. Whenever a Reiki
class was low on participants, I had a talk with God
and said I am willing to teach this class if you want
me to and to be a good steward of my time and re-
sources. I need X amount of students (depending on
whether it was in KC or another city.) The classes
almost always manifested the number of students I
needed and more.

Meditate on what is yours to do. Listen for Guidance
and act on it. Be persistent and patient over the long
haul. Over the years I have coached a number of
therapists on how to build a successful private prac-
tice. One wanted to see results right away. I told him
to be patient and persistent, which he adopted as his
mantra when he was frustrated. Within a year and a
half he developed a successful private practice and is
thriving today. In all your work, give your best so
that others will refer to you.

Say “Thank you God” often for anything and every-
thing. Being grateful tells the Universe you appreci-
ate what you have and opens the energy channel to
bring you more. Whenever something good happens
for which you could take credit, give thanks to God
for it so your ego doesn’t get aligned or attached to
it. This might sound contradictory, however, mani-
festing without attachment helps you to manifest
more than if things have to look a certain way. And
remembering that God is Source — and not you, —
keeps things in perspective. If our ego gets big, it
shuts down the energy highway for God to bring you
things. Thank God for each incoming check, cash,
PayPal receipt, and remember to bless the giver.
When I endorse each check, I say, “Thank you God,
bless this person.”

Affirm abundance with simple affirmations such as
“I am abundant.” Look for abundance all the time
and be grateful for it. Expect increasing abundance
in the form of clients, students and money coming
from many sources. I had my carpet cleaned and a
favorite vase from my grandmother was broken by
the cleaner. I was sad until I got a check for $2500,
which I used during a vacation in Hawaii. I thought
the vase was worth about $250. Recently my mother
gave me two similar vases which are replacing the
broken one.

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