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Saturday, Aug. 28th 2021

Empowered by the Holy Fire® Lights Script

A Holy Fire® Reiki Experience, created by Karen Harrison, Jill Thiel, Pam Allen-LeBlanc, Kathy Milanowski, and Jay Jackson

For use by Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Masters. 

Holy Fire® Reiki provides access to higher states of consciousness, moving from the world of form and duality into the formless realm and oneness. In these higher states, the Holy Fire® Lights appear as emanations of higher consciousness. These Lights are the Divine versions of states of consciousness that many people often experience. The difference is that they are purer, more exceptional, and more deeply healing than what we usually experience. They are a gift to the people of the Earth because we are ready to receive this energy now.


The Lights come from the same source as the Holy Fire® energy. Holy Fire® Reiki practitioners are helping to call in the higher consciousness to the Earth and to anchor it here. We can say that we are revealing it on Earth, but the energy has always been here and is present everywhere. Our awareness has expanded so that we now know about this higher consciousness. The Lights are a representation of our expanding consciousness, and as our ability to receive increases, so does our ability to give. The Lights come to us through the Grace of Holy Fire® energy as the as the Light of Grace and then move into different streams as they take form, depending on what is needed. . Examples of some Lights are the Lights of Courage, Truth, Beauty, Peace, Compassion, Joy, and many others.


Reflect on what you would like to receive for yourself or your client. You can request a specific light or allow the appropriate light to reveal itself.  You can also show the list of Lights to your client and let him or her choose which Lights to receive.

Use this script to access the Holy Fire® Lights:


  1. Imagine it is a beautiful day, warm and sunny. You’re walking down a path in a sacred bamboo forest.
  2. Listen to the melodic sounds of the wind flowing through the bamboo. Feel the connection of all the bamboo surrounding you, as part of the web of life.
  3. As you walk along, you come to the edge of the forest and before you is a majestic waterfall.
  4. You walk toward the pool made by the waterfall. Mists of water envelop you with the primordial waters of life.
  5. As you look at the waterfall, your gaze moves upward to where the water meets the sky and you see a beautiful rainbow.
  6. This is a spiritual rainbow coming from the highest heavens. It is connecting you to the Holy Fire® Lights.
  7. Beautiful beams of multi-colored lights are coming from the rainbow. Look into the Lights and invite them to shine deeply into your soul, filling you with the Light of Grace.
  8. Feel it flow all around and through you, deeply healing and empowering you.
  9. (This section is optional.) Another Light may flow through the Light of Grace. It is (insert the Light that is desired or that you notice). Feel it flow all around and through you, deeply healing and empowering you. (Pause. Repeat this step if another light is desired or ask God to provide the right and perfect Lights.)
  10. Now take some time to bask in the healing energy of the Holy Fire® Lights and enjoy your own inner experience.

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