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Thursday, Jun. 10th 2021

Essential Oil Classes In Kansas City or Online

Essential oil classes are a great way to learn how to replace the many toxic chemicals found in cleaning and beauty products with natural, effective, non-toxic alternatives. These gifts of nature can also be used to enhance your health, relieve stress and make your home a fresher, more beautiful place. The Whole Life Center offers essential oil classes featuring Young Living Essential Oils.
What are essential oils? The answer lies right in the name. These wonderful products contain the essence of flowers, trees, bushes, herbs, roots, resins, shrubs and the rinds of some fruits. A variety of extraction methods are used to produce essential oils, which have a multitude of uses
Have you ever experienced a calming sensation after inhaling a particular fragrance? Many essential oils, including lavender, jasmine and cedarwood are useful in relieving stress. No wonder these scents are so popular in scented candles, pillow sprays and air fresheners! 
If you have ever read the ingredients on the cleaning products under your kitchen sink, you might have been tempted to throw them out. There are so many toxic and potentially harmful compounds in products we use every day! The Environmental Working Group states “U.S. law allows manufacturers of cleaning products to use almost any ingredient they wish, including known carcinogens and substances that can harm fetal and infant development.” What’s even scarier is that U.S. companies are not required to list all of the ingredients in their cleaning products! Taking essential oil classes at the Whole Life Center can open your eyes to the many ways you can replace these toxins with healthful, effective products you can feel good about using. Lemon oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil are among the many essential oils that can be safely used to clean your home.
One of the things we have learned during the past year and a half is that taking care of our health is vitally important. This includes our mental and spiritual health as well as our physical well-being.  Essential oils have been used in spiritual and medical practices for centuries. The Bible speaks often of anointing a sick person with oil, and many other faiths use oils in their worship and rituals. Essential oil classes at the Whole Life Center can teach you safe, effective ways to use these natural products to relieve stress, enhance health and feel more connected to your spiritual practice and to the Earth.
Karen Harrison of the whole life center uses and recommends Young Living Essential Oils. Unlike many on the market, Young Living’s oils are Grade A, organic, and highly effective. If you would like to learn more about how to make your home, your body and your spirit healthier, safer and more beautiful, contact The Whole Life Center at 816-523-4440. Essential oil classes are offered in person for the greater Kansas City area, or online anywhere around the world.

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