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Thursday, Feb. 9th 2023

Healing Reiki Symbols


Reiki symbols are keys that connect to higher levels of healing. A student receives three symbols during their Reiki II class: the Power symbol, the Mental/emotional symbol, and the Distant Healing symbol. Karen Harrison offers Reiki classes where you will learn the healing Reiki symbols.

Karen Harrison at Whole Life Center in Kansas City has a mission to enable others to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. With her as your guide, she will empower others to create open, honest, and loving relationships throughout life.

As Reiki practitioners, we intend to call on the energy of God, Source, or the Divine by whatever name we choose. When a practitioner activates Reiki, it is like turning on a radio. When she dials in a station, it is like connecting to one of the symbols. We are more connected to the source of Divine Guidance, intelligence, and power once we receive the empowerment for the Second Degree Reiki symbols. The symbols are empowered by a Placement, called an Attunement in other lineages of Reiki. When students are given the symbols to learn before class, they don’t do much. In class, the students are given the empowerment to the symbols through the Placement. Then the symbols amplify the Reiki energy.

It is traditional for Reiki symbols to be kept secret, with their meanings revealed only to those who received training. Here is a quick overview of each symbol, its meaning, and usage:

  •        The Power Symbol.
    • This Reiki symbol is used to increase or release blockages.
    • It is identified with the drawing of a coil representing chi – the transfer of energy through the body.
    • It is commonly used at the start of a Reiki session to boost Reiki power, and at any time it is needed.
    • This can also be called on when working to clear negative energy. 
  •        The Mental/Emotional or Harmony Symbol.
    • Used when in need of purification and mental and emotional balance.
    • The general meaning is ‘God and man become one.’
    • Drawing of this Reiki symbol resembles a wave cresting and ready to crash or a bird’s wing.
    • Often thought of as relationship help in addition to harmony.
    • This Reiki symbol is good for memory, kicking bad habits or additions, or aiding in physical ailments that have an emotional component.
  •        The Distance Symbol.
    • The general meaning of this symbol differs from the other Reiki symbols; ‘having no present, past or future.’
    • Used to send Reiki energy across time and space
    • Can be used to heal old wounds or send Reiki to the future ahead of events to manifest the best results.
    • Reiki experts say to call on this symbol on a day-to-day basis to encourage past and future healing within one’s body
  •        The Master Symbol.
    • Nourishing and enlightening, and one of the most sacred of all Reiki symbols
    • The healing powers of this Reiki symbol are all-encompassing – healing the upper chakras, the aura, and the soul.
    • This is the empowerment symbol meaning ‘great enlightenment’ or ‘bright shining light.’
    • To activate this Reiki symbol, you can draw it, visualize it, or draw it with your third eye. Meditation is a good way to activate this symbol.
  •        Holy Fire® symbol
    • The Holy Fire® symbol represents spiritual fire and is used to clear malicious spirits, release negative energy, and promote healing.
    • It is the most powerful Reiki symbol, representing the Holy Spirit and the practitioner’s connection to God.
    • It provides purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance.

Empaths or highly sensitive people benefit from learning the symbols to strengthen and protect their energy from others. The Power symbol strengthens one’s aura and can clear and enhance energy in one’s home or office. Many also use it to protect their car while driving. Empaths can use the Mental/Emotional symbol like a transmuting shield to catch emotional energy from others and diffuse it.

There is much more to share about Reiki symbols, and it is all covered in my Reiki II classes. We learn how to use Reiki for ourselves, our loved ones, and our pets. Our manual, Reiki the Healing Touch, by William Lee Rand, also covers the symbols in-depth. As a student advances in levels of Reiki, there are more new symbols to learn. Knowing about the symbols is only the first step; however, we also spend much time practicing using the symbols.

If you are interested in learning more about how Reiki and Reiki symbols can improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health, contact us at (816) 523-4440. At the Whole Life Center, we will be happy to guide you as you begin your journey of discovery.

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