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Wednesday, Mar. 12th 2014

Reiki for Injury

Reiki for Injury

I recently dropped a full glass water bottle on my big toe from about 4 feet up.  It hurt quite a lot and I was concerned that it might be broken.  Immediately I held my toe and started sending Reiki.  Then I got some Young Living lavender oil and rubbed it on my toe because it is great for bruises.  I also got out a small, plastic ice cube and held it on my toe while sending Reiki. 

I activated the Distant symbol and sent Reiki back in time to just before I dropped the water bottle and intended that the Reiki shield the impact of the water bottle.  The pain was easing quite a bit.  Then I tried something bolder.  I sent Distant Reiki back in time to before the impact and imagined that the bottle fell on the floor but missed my foot.  That night I sent Reiki all night long to my toe by activating the Reiki symbols and having it continue flowing while I was sleeping. 

My toe was much better in the morning and it never bruised, which I find miraculous!  That kind of injury could have hurt badly for weeks and kept me limping.  Try all these techniques for yourself next time you or a loved one has an injury. 

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