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Thursday, May. 19th 2016

Lessons from Holy Fire Reiki

Lessons from Holy Fire Reiki

By Karen K. Harrison, Ed.S, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT

First Published in Reiki News Magazine Spring 2016


HOLY FIRE® REIKI WHISPERED to me and nudged me to invite it into my counseling session with my client on December 23, 2014. Since then, the way that I conduct many of my counseling and Reiki sessions has changed. Holy Fire® has gifted me with a set of new techniques and ways of working that function equally well hands off, hands on or at a distance. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. In my counseling work, I utilize family systems therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution oriented therapy, sex therapy, spiritual counseling, Emotional Freedom Technique and communication training. I also have had a separate Reiki practice for years.

Formerly in my counseling sessions I used Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help clear old traumas. The new Holy Fire® techniques work more quickly and require that the client do nothing but sit back, relax and be willing to heal. Gone are the days of clients needing to do homework to clear old traumas. And many times they would not practice the EFT protocol at home on their own anyway. Best of all, the Holy Fire® energy directs the process and guides me. And it is simple.

What I have found is that when a person has accumulated unresolved emotional wounds or traumas, such as a move to a new city during childhood, a car accident, a divorce, a job loss, etc, one’s emotional energy becomes clogged, and this impairs the ability to make good decisions. A person may know she needs to eat healthier but not be able to follow through with her intentions because the emotional energy from her unresolved emotional traumas intervenes and sabotages her good intentions. I envision an outline of a person mostly filled up by past wounds, which can include ancestral issues and past life experiences. In my experience, counseling can clear 30–80% of the issues a client has come to counseling to work on, but even dedicated clients can still have a large residue of unresolved issues left from other accumulated life issues. And most people are not aware of how ancestral or past life issues impact them.

I have found that the addition of Holy Fire® Reiki to my counseling practice helps heal the difficulty clients can have in the therapeutic process by healing the accumulation of unresolved emotional trauma. 

The techniques I use are from Holy Fire® Reiki

To date, I have facilitated over 200 Holy Fire® sessions using these new techniques. Before I start a session, I explain the process, explain Reiki for my counseling clients and get informed consent.Then I ask the client to rate the emotional intensity of his or her issue on a scale of 0–10 with 10 being the most intense. At the end of the session, I ask the client to give me a rating of the issue again. Many times major life issues are dramatically reduced in intensity in one session. For counseling clients, I conduct the sessions hands off and for Reiki clients, I conduct the sessions hands on, unless they are distant sessions.

The main technique that I use begins with the activation of all the symbols that I know (Reiki Level I through Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki®) and then I send Holy Fire® to the original cause of whatever the issue is. The Holy Fire® symbol leads the way and all the other symbols further empower the process. Normally I say Holy Fire® three times, the name of the Distant symbol three times, and then state that I am sending Reiki to the original cause of X issue. Then the amazing process begins!

After the main technique, the rest of the process involves what I see, feel and hear Holy Fire® doing and suggesting. Holy Fire® has greatly expanded my abilities to receive this information, but it can work equally well if the Reiki practitioner does not see, feel and hear what it is doing. I ask the client for permission to share my impressions and suggest to take it into his or her own guidance to see if it fits. At the end I ask if the impressions are anywhere close to what he or she is feeling and thinking, and the client usually reports back that they are amazingly accurate.

The Reiki sessions follow a similar progression. The first Holy Fire® Reiki technique I use is Holy Love which rains down on the person to see if the energy is accepted at the soul level. Almost always it is, and even reticent souls have any resistance melted with Holy Love. However, if after a minute or so the Holy Love isn’t making progress, then the process stops. Of course this makes sense since Holy Fire® totally respects free will.

If the client does accept Holy Fire® on an inner level, then it starts clearing the issue beginning at the present and working its way back along the person’s timeline as far back as the issue goes, which often involves going back into the family of origin and sometimes back along ancestral lines or even to past lives. I feel the emotions that are being cleared and share them with the client. I also hear the thought forms and sometimes see actual words that are being cleared from the client’s aura and share them. Many issues involve relationships so the Holy Fire® first places Holy Love between the two people and then clears the buildup of their issues with Holy Fire.® Many times Holy Fire® will begin working on the other person to assist in clearing his or her part in my client’s issues. This is where I have occasionally seen Holy Fire® stop due to the person’s soul not being willing to receive. I have never had my client reject the energy.

After Holy Fire® clears feelings and words, I check in with the client to ask if the impressions I have related as the process is working are anywhere close to accurate and if there is anything else relating to this issue coming up. If there is, I ask Holy Fire® to work on it. After that part is complete, Holy Fire® invites me to facilitate a purification process called the Holy Fire® grid. It is really a shortened version of Healing Spirit Attachments as described in the Holy Fire® manuals by William Lee Rand. Holy Fire® pulses 4–5 times in each of these locations, building a grid: under the client’s feet, over the head, to the right, to the left, in front and behind. Then the energy pulses through the grid and sends out anything the client is willing to release. Sometimes the energy doesn’t want to go so I call on Jesus to help. Jesus talks to the energy and to the soul, usually working it out to release the energy and carry it off to the higher realms. Next Holy Love goes in to heal and fill up the parts of the person that allowed the energy in.

The next portion involves clearing the chakras, starting at the root. First Holy Fire® clears the chakra and then it is filled with Holy Love. I perceive what is happening with each chakra, and I relate that to the client and see if it fits. If it starts to slow down or the person has spun off part of their energy, I call on Jesus to help. Jesus retrieves the energy and places it back where it belongs. Finally, the River of Life, which is a current of Holy Fire® energy, runs through the chakras to fill them with new, fresh energy and return the colors and vibrancy to them. 

The final process is sending energy from the person’s crown, like a golden thread, to connect the person more fully to God and from the root to the earth. Then the energy is expanded to look more like a highway of golden light going in both directions.

If the person is seriously wounded, Jesus will invite the person to the Heavenly realms and to a special shower that deeply cleanses the heavy layers off of a person. Then the person bathes in a special crystal spa of living waters to heal him or her on a cellular level.

The Holy Fire® energy often continues to work intensely for three days, clearing gently and deeply. As a result of writing this article, I checked in with former clients and found that the energy had kept working over several months. In my experience, often any remaining emotional intensity will be cleared during this time.

Does it always work? No, but when it doesn’t, it seems to give at least some relief. Old traumas seem to respond more than present ones and are cleared more successfully. For example, healing the anger and hurt from a completed divorce is more likely to happen than clearing the anger and hurt from a divorce in process.

Client Stories
What follows are client stories. Their names have all been changed, and they have given written permission to have their stories published.

Pamela wanted to address her weight gain. I used the procedure described above and sent Reiki to the original cause of her weight gain. Presently she volunteered that she began gaining weight after having an abortion over 30 years ago. I asked her at what level she felt the emotional intensity about the abortion, and she reported a 9. Holy Fire® began clearing guilt, shame, confusion, feeling betrayed by her body, sadness and fear. Then it began filling her relationships with her parents with Holy Love and then clearing them with Holy Fire.® We cleared her energy with the Holy Fire® grid and cleared and filled her chakras. Next Holy Fire® asked me to go stand with my hands over her head and flow grace and forgiveness into her. This has happened in a number of sessions, and I am usually worried about whether it will work, but it always has. Pamela felt the grace and forgiveness wash over her and felt cleansed of the experience.

Then the soul that was aborted started talking to me and telling me that it was never meant to be born but simply to have the experience in the womb. It said it got that experience and asked my client not to feel guilty because it was all perfect. At the end of this session, my client rated her emotional intensity about this issue a 0 and after several months, it hasn’t returned. When I asked her permission to share what I wrote, she gave me an update. “I loved reading and being reminded. It was actually 36 years ago this past Saturday and I made it through that day with no hurt for the first time ever since it happened. Thank you again for everything you do.”

Mark had a lot of anger and frustration over his divorce and all the things that were caught up with it. On a scale of 0–10, he told me his emotional intensity was a 12. I sent Holy Fire® Reiki back to clear issues around the divorce and marriage. I could feel the energy clearing anger, rage, frustration, resentment, sadness, rejection and more. Then Holy Fire® led me to create a grid of Holy Fire® energy all around him and pulse it through his energy field. A chunk of energy that was feeding on his anger was released. It wasn’t going entirely so I called on Jesus to clear it. Next we cleared his chakras, starting at the root. There was tangled darkness in there so I called on Jesus to clear each chakra and then fill them with Holy Love. When we got to his heart, Jesus cleared out rejection energy and repaired the heart chakra. At the throat, he had lost a chunk of his voice. Jesus retrieved the throat energy, cleaned it up and placed it in the throat, where it looked like a beautiful blue flower. At the brow, Jesus returned some energy that had spun off due to Mark’s losses, which will enable him to have a clearer vision for his life. It bloomed into a beautiful purplish flower. Then Holy Fire® filled all his body and aura with Holy Love.

Mark had lost his beloved home earlier in the marriage when his wife wanted to move to a new city. I sent Holy Fire® to that experience. It cleared sadness, remorse, anger, hurt and confusion. I also sent Holy Fire® to clear his loss of time with his sons as a result of the divorce and his need to move to another city to support himself. At that point, I asked him if anything else was coming up. He told me about the loss of two jobs that were very meaningful to him. Holy Fire® Reiki cleared the sadness, rejection, anger, frustration and resentment of those two experiences. Then I sent Reiki to connect him to his higher self and related to him the wonderful qualities that his higher self has of kindness, love and wisdom. His higher self also said that this life had been a test to see how he could overcome the challenge of “losing it all” and still create a good life for himself. This session was about 20 minutes of hands off Reiki. At the end he said his emotional intensity was a 3.

The next day I texted him to see how he was doing and if the things Holy Fire® Reiki came up with were accurate for him. Here is what he said. “I was amazed at how accurate you were at describing how I had felt in each situation. That helped me first to know that someone else recognized it as a legitimate way to feel in that situation and second by defining it and describing the feeling or reaction, it gave me something concrete that I can recognize, and know that I want to get rid of “it.” Into the fire is a good metaphor and then being filled with love as a replacement is powerful imagery—imagery that even the more primitive parts of my brain can understand. That’s important because those primitive parts are what I think keep bringing up unresolved difficulties.” I checked with Mark two months later, and he reported his emotional intensity on these issues usually remains low.

Although Carol had worked diligently in therapy (with other practitioners) and used regular Reiki on herself, she still had a number of lingering issues. She summed it all up in, “I hate this city,” referring to the place where a lot of her trauma had occurred, and she rated it as a 12 (on a 0–10 scale). She rated issues with her ex-husband at a 3, issues with her former employer as an 8, resentment toward her mother as an 8, and resentment toward a colleague who had betrayed her trust as a 12. During our session, additional issues arose concerning problems with three ex-boyfriends, but we did not get those rated. She resented her mother for not protecting her from her father, who had molested her. Her mother was deceased. Carol also recently had had two nightmares about her ex-husband.

I sent Holy Fire Reiki® as described above to each of the issues and cleared many of the negative feelings and thoughts as well as the harmful relationships. While working with the relationship with her mother, I felt that her mother was still present in the earthly realms and had not gone to the light. I called on Jesus, and he worked with her and cleared out dense energy and then invited her to go with him to the heavenly realms. Jesus also took Carol to the heavenly realms for a rejuvenating shower and bath, and some nourishment. The session lasted one and a half hours and by the end, the overall “I hate this city” number had dropped from a 12 to a 6, issues with her ex went from a 3 to a 0, former employer issues went from an 8 to a 3, resentment toward her mother dropped from an 8 to a 3, and issues with her colleague went from a 12 to a 5. When I checked in with her two and a half months after her session, she reported continuing improvement. The “I hate this city” number had dropped to a 2, issues with her ex were still a 0, her former employer issues were down to a 1, resentment toward her mother was now 0, and issues with her colleague were now also 0. She also reported that the nightmares about her ex had not recurred.

Alice had accumulated many issues because her husband had had affairs, which led to their divorce. He then married his affair partner. In the first session we worked on her intense sadness that had led to suicidal feelings in the past. She rated her sadness at an 8. Through sending Holy Fire® Reiki and the Distant symbol back to the original cause of the sadness, the emotions of shame, guilt, hurt, humiliation, fear, abandonment, betrayal, anger and depression started clearing. It felt like she was lost in a sea of gray with such intense sadness that it was incredibly painful in the chest. I called on Jesus to help because there were so many overwhelming feelings. I saw him extend his hand to her and offer to lift her out of the grayness. He took her to the heavenly realms for cleansing with a shower and bath as described in previous sections. By the end of this hour-long session, her sadness had diminished to a 2, and she reported that she felt “seen” by me when others didn’t seem to understand the intensity of her feelings. 

In the next session, we worked on her feelings of wanting her ex and his affair partner to suffer, which started out at a 9 and dropped to a 4 by the end of the session. We also worked on her lack of trust in herself, which started out at a 4 and dropped to a 2. In another session we worked on clearing all the relationships and the people involved, including my client, her ex, the ex’s affair partner and the ex’s affair partner’s former husband. Holy Fire® invited me to send Holy Love into each of the connections and then clear them with Holy Fire.® By the end of the process, trapped energy was flowing back to my client in the form of Holy Love!

Seeming miracles happen frequently in sessions, and I am always grateful and amazed. One counseling client reported to me that he got more out of one session where I employed Holy Fire® Reiki for 20 minutes than 15 sessions with a prior counselor. Thank you, Holy Fire,® Holy Spirit and Jesus. As we clear out old patterns, there is more room for the energy of peace and love to exist. According to William Lee Rand, the person who introduced Holy Fire® Reiki, Holy Fire® continues to expand and unfold ever greater capacities in the individual, leading to the experience of an ongoing sense of abiding peace.2

Let’s use Holy Fire® on our own issues! I have found it more rewarding to work on my own issues since using Holy Fire® because it resolves issues much more quickly. I find myself remaining calmer and happier through difficult situations than I did before, and can contact that part of myself that knows that all is well. I feel filled up by Holy Love rather than clogged with old, painful emotions. I am so grateful for the gift of Holy Fire® Reiki. 


1 Karen K. Harrison, “Reiki for Mental Health Professionals, Part I,” Reiki News Magazine, Spring 2015; “Reiki for Mental Health Professionals, Part II,” Reiki News Magazine, Summer 2015. 

2 12/30/15 personal communication with William Lee Rand (during his conference call with Colleen Benelli on “Reiki Chat”).

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