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Tuesday, May. 16th 2017

Reiki and Essential Oils

Reiki and Essential Oils
First published in Reiki News Magazine Spring 2017

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I PURCHASED MY FIRST KIT of aromatics with a diffusor in
2011, shortly after returning from my ART/Reiki Master
training. I was new to all of it—metaphysical studies, Reiki
and essential oils. I went in with childlike wonder and quickly
began to experience higher aspects of myself. I was lucky to at-
tract Reiki clients with whom I shared many healing miracles.
I credit my clients for helping me to learn more about the heal-
ing properties and the power of Reiki and most certainly the use
of essential oils.

I began my Reiki practice in 2011 in Russellville, Arkansas. I
was lucky to publish an article in a local magazine that was then
featured in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, which led to a weekly
lecture series at the local library that lasted for four months. The
Russellville Courier also reported on my work as a Reiki teacher and
a lecturer on metaphysical topics. This all felt lucky and perhaps
was fueled by the “magic” that seems to enter one’s life after tak-
ing a Reiki class. Could all of this good fortune have been magni-
fied by all of my diffusing?

My Early Experiences with Essential Oils
My first essential oils kit included some single, unmixed oils
(Lemon and Peppermint, for example) and some blends. I began
to use them on myself and my Reiki clients. My diffusor was, and
still is, a fancy one. It has a beautiful wooden base with a sturdy
glass bubble over the top. It fills with mist, plays spa-like music
and changes colors. My clients are immediately attracted to it
when they come for sessions with me!
After a few days of enjoying my starter kit, I realized that I was
diffusing all of the time. The experience quickly became a new
facet of my being. I enveloped myself in their use and in learning
about them.

Because the brand of oils I use offers a purity guarantee, I am
able to add many of the oils to my water and food, ingesting them
safely. In the beginning, I added Lemon essential oil to my drink-
ing water. After a few months of using the oils, I noticed that a
bleeding gums condition that I had had since my last pregnancy,
which was 17 years before this, had disappeared.
At the same time, I was working as a health-information pro-
fessional. That year, I was responsible for getting a busy durable
medical equipment company through three accreditation
processes with little cooperation from co-workers. I was also
converting the company from paper-based patient health
records to an electronic format. As I was new to the health-in-
formation field, these were huge undertakings for somebody who
had never worked in the medical field before. Interestingly, I
noticed that I was not stressed out by any of this. At the time,
my after-work routine included filling my diffusor with a calm-
ing blend: Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Blue
Tansy essential oils. I would meditate for twenty minutes while
sitting in the mist. What could have been a difficult period in
my life was not. I attribute this to the supportive energy of my
pure essential oils.

What I began to learn about diffusing oils is that the aromatic
mist produced works on the human bio-energy field, just like Reiki
does. Feeling my stress evaporate during the diffusing time was a
valuable teaching tool. I began to share the process with my Reiki
clients, placing a diffusor near the healing table where I worked on
them. Orange essential oil with its wonderfully uplifting quality
was a diffused oil that everyone seemed to like, and I still use it
regularly today!

I also was wearing oils for the first time. I often applied a blend
on my head that was helpful in relieving the daily headaches that
I previously had had. This roll-on blend also helped me stay alert
and focused at work. I believe the almost daily application in-
creased my intelligence, too.

I began using this blend on all my Reiki clients (and still do),
applying it along the hairline of the whole head, including the
forehead. I always apply it while they are lying on the table face up
so it will not enter the eyes. It greatly reduces stress for my clients.
The blend includes: Peppermint, fractionated (virgin) Coconut
Oil, Lemon, Idaho Balsam Fir, Clove, Copaiba, Wintergreen, He-
lichrysum (Everlasting), Vetiver and Palo Santo. I also apply this
blend on areas where the client is experiencing pain, including
the knees, back, shoulders, elbows and feet.

Spring 2017

© Reiki News Magazine

Using the oils in sessions led to discussions about how to em-
ploy them to assist in the healing of various maladies. I discovered
that sharing the oils with my clients often led to healing experi-
ences that continued long after a session ended.

Producing Essential Oils
Essential oils are aromatic, volatile liquids that are found
within all shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. The oils
are extracted though a process of steam distillation. The chem-
istry of essential oils is fully complex; a single oil can consist of
hundreds of varied and unique chemical constituents. They are
highly concentrated—far more concentrated and potent than
dried herbs. For the particular brand that I use, to produce one 15
ml bottle of Lemon essential oil requires the rind of 75 lemons.
One bottle of Lavender oil requires 27 square feet of lavender
plants, and for Peppermint oil, one pound of raw peppermint
leaves is necessary to produce 15 ml of the oil.

Quality control in the world of essential oil production is not
government regulated. For individuals and practitioners interested
in using these oils, it is crucial to do the proper research on how
various companies produce their essential oils. And as in any prod-
uct formulation, not all companies are totally transparent about
the facts. Although many oils are labeled “100 percent pure,” this
can be a 100 percent lie! Be wary. Even upscale natural-food mar-
kets can be guilty of carrying inferior products. For example, an
essential oil could be labeled as pure peppermint essential oil.
However, if it states that you cannot ingest it, then it is not pure.
If an oil comes from a food, then we should be able to ingest it.
We can make big mistakes if we do not employ pure essential
oils. My suggestion is to go with the company that provides a plant-
ing to packaging guarantee. Such a company has its own farms and
monitors the entire process of growing, harvesting, distilling, test-
ing and sealing the oils, all the while using no pesticides. Make sure
also that they undergo third party laboratory testing. Our bodies
are so important; we must insist on only pure oils!

Reiki, Essential Oils and the
Removal of Spirit Attachments
My firm belief is that everything happens more quickly, heal-
ings are deeper and more spiritual profundities occur when I diffuse
and apply the oils for my Reiki clients. When I first started using
the oils, sometimes a client would not want them, only wanting
the Reiki. On some rare occasions, I did not use the oils because I
ran out of them. Observing the difference in working on clients
with oils versus without, I can report that with the oils there is
more “life,” more visitations from the spirit realm and a greater
frequency of clients having a spiritual experience.
© Reiki News Magazine

Spring 2017

My sessions and classes are enhanced with the use of essential
oils. I have a Reiki student who has become a dear friend. Follow-
ing her desire, over time, she was able to eliminate prescription
anti-depressants as a result of the proper use of the right blend of es-
sential oils. We also diffused and applied oils during her Reiki I and
II classes with me during which she experienced a huge release that
led to shifts that changed her life in ways that she could never have
predicted. Her expansion and healing is ongoing as she uses Holy
Fire Reiki and essential oils to live a life totally “On Purpose.”
An extremely important issue, as far as I am concerned, is the
often overlooked and under-discussed presence of spirit attach-
ments. I was gratified to see this subject written about in the Win-
ter 2016 issue of the Reiki News Magazine.1 Evelyn Whiteside
wrote an informative article about spirit attachments. She shared
that while doing her Reiki certification process, “I learned at this
time that 70 to 100 percent of the population will have spirit at-
tachments at one time or another…many of the people I saw had
spirit attachments, thus validating what I had learned.” My expe-
rience has been that the attachments do not like the pure oils. So
applying them before a session means that the attachments begin
loosening their grip and easily depart once the Reiki is added.
A pure oil holds intention, just as crystals do. As I am mixing
a blend and/or applying oils to my client, I am silently instructing
what I wish the oils to accomplish. “Please remove all non-bene-
ficial energies, discarnate spirits, dark thought forms, extra-terres-
trials from (person’s name).” I also give the crystals that I use in
sessions similar instructions.

My sessions always have a diffusor misting the air, and my
clients are wearing the oils too. Approximately 70 percent of my
clients can see the attachments in their mind’s eye as they are leav-
ing them. I have had some clients draw pictures of them. They are
usually unpleasant and symbolic of what the client is negatively
experiencing in his or her life. I have seen bat- or cat-like creatures
drawn, a fish with huge teeth, a blob with two arms, snakes, box-
like forms and more sketched by my clients. I feel that when
clients see the attachments it is meaningful and helpful to them.
It often feels like an “answer” to why things have been so difficult.
It also is a way to galvanize clients into taking inspired action to
truly shift out of darkness for good. The oils are such a helper for
these openings to occur!

It is useful for clients to have their own oils at home to keep their
vibrations high so the attachments do not come back. I have found
that attachments don’t like to leave and their goal is to re-attach to
their original host. Wearing an oil offers a layer of protection.
Evelyn Whiteside, “The Spirit Release Process: An Amazing Healing Tool,”
Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2016.

Spiritual Protection for Me
Although not all practitioners have issues with their clients’
spirit attachments, unfortunately, I have had some attempt to at-
tach themselves to me. Because of this, I have had to armor myself.
I have an Entity Chaser & Cleansing spray in a blue glass squirt
bottle that contains Holy water, Holy salt, plus Frankincense and
Myrrh essential oils. I spray my aura and body front and back with
the spray asking for its help in protecting me and my client. After
I pull something unpleasant off, I spray the air and the client and
myself again to remove the residue. I also wear Frankincense,
Myrrh, Grapefruit and Black Pepper oils. I apply the Frankincense
and Myrrh to the back of my neck and rub it on my hands. I dot the
Grapefruit on my spine. Snake energies are prevalent on the second
chakra area of many people. They like to attach to the spine. These
entities do not like citrusy oils in particular. Any citrus oil has the
vibration of love (so do flower oils), which is repelling to many
types of attachments. Citrus oils are less costly than flowery oils.
Black Pepper is known to build a strong protective barrier too.
White Angelica is another strong auric protector; I like this one
for children. I am always happy when my clients listen to me and
apply White Angelica on their children while they are at school.

Guidelines for the Usage of Pure
Essential Oils with Clients
Always discuss allergy or sensitivity issues with your clients up-
front. We can best help our clients by carefully researching the
oils and sharing those with our clients that will best support and
promote their continued healing.

Also remember that pure oils can be strong (which is one if the
reasons why they can offer us such extensive healing potential). Be
mindful that the oil is going to amplify the outcomes of the Reiki
work, giving your clients bigger and longer releases, a really good
thing and at the same time, something that you and your client
need to be aware of. Also know that it is fun to introduce essen-
tial oils to a client who has never used them.

I recommend diluting oils with a good, clean carrier oil, such
as fractionated coconut, vegetable or almond oil. This allows for
better skin coverage, and it is a smart way to make oils last longer.
At first, three to four drops of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier
oil will be safe. As the practitioner and the client become more ac-
climated to the healing power of oils, the ratio can be varied.
Whether or not to apply them “neat” (undiluted) should be de-
cided by the Reiki practitioner. Always use glass, ceramic or metal
containers to mix the oils in. A pure oil has the intelligence and
power to break down the petrochemicals contained in plastics.
The Reiki and essential oils session may lead to energetic re-
leases as part of the healing process. I am careful to point this out
to clients. Clients might experience a productive cough, a runny
nose, ear wax loosening and leaking out, bowels releasing toxins
and other relatively minor but usually unwanted occurrences. We
Reiki practitioners know that this is all part of shifting to a higher
state of wellness. Be sure to let your clients know this too.
Beyond the profound outcomes of blending essential oils and
Reiki together is the growing body of scientific evidence to support
the power of oils for healing disease. Research studies on pure es-
sential oils show positive effects for many and varied health con-
cerns, such as infections, libido issues, pain, weight loss, anxiety,
depression, tumors, premenstrual syndrome, nausea and more. I
invite you to do your own research on the healing power of essen-
tial oils. There is so much to learn about the history, the science
and the usage of pure essential oils.

We truly are in transitional times when it comes to alternative
healing modalities in the United States. As allopathic cures con-
tinue to be considered too harsh for a growing number of individu-
als, people are looking into Mother Earth’s original toolbox for a
more gentle and natural approach to healing. I often say, “There is
an oil revolution going on!” I am proud to be a witness and partic-
ipant of this important and needed direction in our society!
Norah Dykema is an Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Mas-
ter and teacher. She is an Energy Healer for the
Palo Santo Psychotherapy and Wellness Center
located in Tucson, Arizona. Norah also lectures
on metaphysical topics weekly. She is a Scientific
Hand Analyst, Pendulum Artist, Purpose Master,
and an essential oils enthusiast. Her website is
www.Norahd.com. Nora is happy to discuss essential oils questions
with you. You may contact Norah at Norahproductions@gmail.com
or by phone at (520) 599-3230.
Karuna Reiki® is the registered trademark of the International Center
for Reiki Training.

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