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Reiki for an IRS Audit

Reiki for an IRS Audit

by Karen Harrison, Senior Professional Licensed Reiki Teacher for ICRT, LPC, LMFT

When I opened my mail and saw the IRS wanted to audit my business for two years (2004 and 2005), I was shocked. Knowing the power of our thoughts, Reiki, and prayer, I set an intention to sail through the audit easily with the end result being that the IRS would owe me money. I decided to bless my auditor, Reyna (not her real name). Immediately I went to my Reiki crystal grid and added the intention of “an easy and stress free tax audit with receiving more money back or owing no more and a blessing of Reyna”. (A Reiki crystal grid is a layout of 8 crystals that have been charged with Reiki to send Reiki continuously to a list of Reiki requests.) I asked for prayers and Reiki from my friends and church for the audit and the auditor.

I called my long time bookkeeper, Janie, who has been working with me since 1996 and who is also one of my prayer partners. In the mornings after I awoke, I gave myself Reiki and sent Reiki and prayers to Reyna. I began to think of her as the most blessed IRS auditor. I smudged my office and cleansed and charged it with Reiki because I could feel the heavy energy I had been creating with my anxiety. My office was a Feng Shui disaster. Files and boxes were everywhere and the floor and desks were covered.

While Janie was looking through the prior years tax returns, she discovered that no one had claimed my son in 2005, nor his educational expenses. This circumstance created a large possibility that the IRS would owe me money.

Another boost came in the form of an email prayer from my church. I had turned in a prayer request and received the following email a couple of days prior to the audit. The tide of Reiki and prayer were beginning to carry me on a wave of energy and I was feeling more confident about the audit.

Dear Karen,

There is only divine order in the Universe and you are part of that order. The Prayer Team at Unity Church of Overland Park prays with you knowing you are keenly aware that you are divinely guided and that you listen to that guidance. We know with you that all involved in your audit are walking together by divine appointment. You, Reyna, and Janie are in the flow and in harmony with this flow. The I.R.S becomes “I Release Stress” as you move easily through this process.

Peace prevails in your heart and mind, the love and light of God is in you and expressing as you and all is well. Claim your divine inheritance right here and right now.

All is well Karen, you are God’s beloved.

In Loving Service, Prayer Ministry, UCOP

On the morning of the audit, Janie arrived early and we prayed again. I gave Reiki to the boxes of information that we were taking to the audit. At the IRS, Reyna came out from behind locked doors and ushered Janie and me to a small cubicle. Under the table, I started drawing Reiki symbols on the walls, ceiling, and floor. I began channeling Reiki energy continuously, hoping it would help my own anxiety, make things flow smoothly for the audit, uplift the auditor, help her to be friendly and helpful, and help Janie and me to say things in the best way.

Finally after four hours, the whole thing was over and we didn’t have to come back for an additional appointment. I just received the final determination of the audit. The paperwork shows that I owe nothing. The auditor allowed me to deduct my son and his educational expenses, and the IRS sent me a check for $800 plus interest. Additionally, Reyna said she would file the amendment to deduct my son, saving me from having to pay my accountant to prepare it. Thank you God, Reiki, Reyna and Janie.

I learned valuable lessons from this experience and hope that my sharing with you will provide you inspiration regarding the power of Reiki and prayer. Remember to always send Reiki to all aspects of your business.

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