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Thursday, Jun. 14th 2018

Reiki Symbols – Keys to Spiritual Healing

Reiki Symbols Are Sacred Symbols

Reiki symbols are sacred symbols referred to by their intention, each symbolic name representing its purpose in the practice of Reiki. Originating from the Japanese language, the term Reiki means “spiritual life force energy”, and the term is derived from combining the words “rei”, which means spiritual, or higher, power, and “ki”, meaning energy.

Reiki symbols are used in the practice of Usui Reiki, which was developed long ago in Japan by Mikao Usui, a Japanese spiritual teacher, as an alternative form of healing. Reiki symbols are the keys to connect to higher levels of healing by a Reiki practitioner. 

Students of Reiki learn how and why the Reiki symbols are used and how they work. They learn to give Reiki healing energy from God enabling them to embody spirituality. They come to a deeper understanding of the Divine, experiencing the power for themselves. 

The Power symbol increases the power of the practitioner’s healing energy and provides protection. The Power symbol is used to strengthen a person’s aura and to clear or enhance energy in the home or work environment.

The Mental/emotional symbol is also called the Harmony or Love symbol. The Harmony symbol can be used as a shield to catch emotional energy coming from others in order to diffuse it. Activating the symbol helps with emotional and mental issues such as sadness, anger, and worry. 

The Distance healing symbol enables a practitioner to send Reiki to anyone at any time. Reiki symbols are empowered by a Placement, also called an Attunement. 

In addition to the Power, Harmony and Distance symbols, the Usui Master symbol represents Enlightenment and is representative of everything that is Reiki. Utilized only by Reiki Masters, it is the symbol drawn on to heal the healers. It’s meaning is Treasure house of the great beaming light, of which one becomes aware with enlightenment. It provides very powerful grounded energy and empowers the first three symbols. 

The Holy Fire symbol is an additional Master symbol used by Reiki Masters who have Holy Fire Reiki and is the most powerful symbol of all. It represents the Holy Spirit and one’s connection to God. Using this symbol is transformative.

Reiki symbols help the Reiki practitioner focus the healing energies that come from God. Whenever Reiki symbols are used, a person’s higher consciousness responds by altering and directing the way the life force energy flows. 

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