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Thursday, Jan. 13th 2022

Reiki Symbols to Bring Healing and Peace

Reiki symbols are used by teachers and students of Reiki as a way to activate the flow of energies within the body in order to bring about healing. Students of Reiki are taught about the symbols before or during a class, and are usually asked to memorize them. Because these symbols are associated with particular types of energy, practitioners use them during a Reiki healing session. This is accomplished by drawing, visualizing or speaking their names. When the symbols are used and the names spoken, the stimulus/response process is activated. This is because the Reiki symbols are associated in the mind with the particular type of energy being sought. In this way, the Reiki practitioner is able to attune to the higher-level spiritual energies represented by each symbol. This allows access to a more effective and broader range of Reiki frequencies than could be reached otherwise. 

Traditionally, Reiki symbols were kept secret, and their meanings were known only to those who received training. Here is a quick overview of each symbol, it’s meaning and usage: 

The power symbol 

 This symbol is drawn as a coil, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, and represents chi – the flow of energy or life force in the body. It is often used at the start of a Reiki session as a way to activate power within the body, to get rid of negative energy and protect against misfortune. 

The harmony symbol 

This symbol looks like a cresting wave or a bird’s wing. Its name means “God and man become one.” It is related to the idea of yin and yang, or balance in all things. The left side of the symbol represents the logical left brain, and the right side represents the creative and emotional right brain. This symbol can be used in healing of emotional issues, as it brings peace and harmony to the emotional state.  

The distance symbol 

This symbol is one of the most powerful Reiki symbols. The meaning of this symbol is “the origin of all is pure consciousness.” It is used to send positive energy into any phase of time. Healing of past wounds is aided by use of this symbol. Practitioners can use it to send positive Reiki forward in time to counteract negative energies and events. 

The master symbol 

The most sacred of the Reiki symbols, its name means “great enlightenment” or “bright shining light.” It is an empowerment symbol, and has the highest vibration and the most transformational power of all the Reiki symbols. Reiki masters use this symbol when attuning new students. It is also used in sessions for deep healing and grounding.  

Holy Fire® symbol 

This symbol represents spiritual fire, which is used to transform negative energy, release malicious spirits, and promote healing of the body, mind, and emotions. It is the most powerful Reiki symbol, representing the Holy Spirit and the practitioner’s connection to God. 

Each of the Reiki symbols has its own use, but can also be used in combination during a Reiki session in order to promote healing, eliminate negative energy, stress and bad feelings. Reiki can help the practitioner overcome bad habits, increase mental and physical energy, and be better prepared to face future events with calmness and grace. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Reiki can improve your physical, mental and spiritual health, contact us at 816-523-4440.  At the Whole Life Center, we offer Reiki classes from beginner to Master levels, both in person and online.  

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