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Thursday, Sep. 23rd 2021

Reiki Symbols: Tools For Healing

Reiki symbols are the basis for activating energy flows during the practice of the Japanese healing art of Reiki beginning with Reiki level II. Each symbol is associated with a particular type of healing energy, and practitioners use them during a Reiki session to give or receive healing. Those who receive Reiki report feeling calmer and more centered, have less anxiety, feel uplifted, have less pain, as well as experiencing healing from past traumas, whether they be physical, psychological or spiritual. If you would like to learn more about Reiki symbols and how they can be used to heal yourself or others, consider enrolling in a Reiki class from The Whole Life Center of Kansas City. 

When you take a class, you will learn about each Reiki symbol’s meaning as well as what type of healing energy it represents. You will be given the symbols before or during the class, and will be asked to memorize them. Reiki symbols are used by teachers and students of Reiki as a way to activate the flow of energies within the body. You will learn to use the symbols while giving a Reiki session by drawing, visualizing or speaking their names. Doing so will help you attune to the higher-level spiritual energies represented by each symbol. Thus, you will be able to tap into a more effective and broader range of Reiki frequencies than could be reached without them. In Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki traditions, the Reiki symbols are kept secret and are only revealed to those who receive training.  

Although each of the Reiki symbols has its own properties, they can be used together to promote healing, eliminate negative energy, alleviate stress and banish bad feelings. Reiki practitioners also report being able to overcome bad habits, experiencing increased mental and physical energy, and feeling better prepared to face future events with a sense of calm and peace. If you are interested in learning more about how you can use Reiki symbols to help yourself and others improve their physical, mental and spiritual health, contact us at 816-523-4440. At the Whole Life Center, we will be happy to walk with you on your journey of discovery.  

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