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Thursday, May. 24th 2018

Reiki Teacher Training – Reiki Master

In a Reiki training class, one can learn to give Reiki healing energy to self and others, even animals. With dedication and practice, you can advance to Reiki Teacher Training, also called Reiki Master. It is a sacred practice and allows one to be of greater service to the world. The desire to grow in ones Reiki potential is a natural expression of one’s core essence and of life itself.  In progressing from beginning Reiki training to Reiki teacher training, you will come away with feelings of ever-increasing joy, peace and abundance as you come to a realization of your own boundless potential.

In a Reiki teacher training class, all you need is a desire to learn. Karen Harrison is a Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Teacher Training (ICRT) and has been teaching Reiki professionally since 1998. She loves to provide Reiki Teacher Training.

The initial courses with Karen are Reiki I and Reiki II, where you will learn what Reiki is and how it is used for healing. You will also learn all the standard hand placements, how to scan the body for energy blockages, and how to give a Reiki treatment, to yourself or someone else.

You will learn the symbols used in Reiki II, which are:

  • The Power symbol – Increases the power of Reiki.

  • The Mental-Emotional symbol – Used for healing emotions, thoughts, and relationships.

  • The Distant symbol – Used to send Reiki at a distance, back in time or forward in time.

Reiki II you will receive empowerment to the energy and will learn to give a complete Reiki healing energy session and how to send a distant treatment.

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With Reiki training, you can give Reiki to animals, including your pets. Dogs love receiving Reiki and many cats actually give Reiki. You can also give Reiki to horses, farm animals, and wild animals.

After 6 months practice with Reiki II, you can take the Advanced Reiki Teacher Training and Reiki Master course, which is one course taught over a three-day period. In the class you receive instruction on Reiki Teacher Training, which will empower you to teach Reiki. You will learn ideas on how to teach as well as the business aspects of Reiki Teacher Training.

The healing energy, symbols, techniques and knowledge of Reiki training and Reiki Teacher Training will be invaluable to your healing abilities. You will become empowered to treat yourself and others with healing experiences, in person and at a distance. You can use Reiki to help family and friends to develop a wonderful sense of spiritual connection. Feelings of compassion and love for everyone will be strengthened as you merge with the Reiki Consciousness. And you will come to realize that Reiki has a deeper purpose than using it to heal yourself and others of specific problems – Reiki can guide your life.

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