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Thursday, Oct. 12th 2023

The Significance of Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols are an integral part of the practice of Reiki. This holistic healing system originated in Japan in the early 20th century. Students learn the symbols before or during Reiki classes and are asked to memorize them. Each one represents a particular kind of energy. Using Reiki symbols enables a person to come to a deeper understanding of the Reiki energy from God, to embody spirituality, and to direct the healing energy to help others.

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Reiki symbols are considered sacred and are used by Reiki practitioners to enhance the flow of healing energy (also known as “ki” or “chi”) during a Reiki session. The significance of Reiki symbols lies in their ability to focus and amplify the healing energy, facilitate communication with the subconscious mind, and connect the practitioner to the universal life force energy. Here’s a breakdown of the significance of Reiki symbols:

  • · Empowerment and Attunement: Reiki symbols are typically introduced to Reiki practitioners during “attunement” or “initiation.” It is a sacred experience conducted by a Reiki master to empower the students and enable them to connect with the healing energy. The symbols are passed down from teacher to student during this process and activate specific energy frequencies within the practitioner.
  • · Amplification of Energy: Each Reiki symbol has its unique energy and purpose. When drawn or visualized by the practitioner, these symbols enhance the flow of healing energy. They act as focal points that help channel and amplify the healing energy, making the Reiki treatment more effective.
  • · Mental and Emotional Healing: Reiki symbols can also address mental and emotional issues. By drawing or meditating on specific symbols, practitioners aim to access and release blocked or negative emotions and promote mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • · Distance Healing: One of the significant uses of Reiki symbols is in distant or remote healing. Practitioners can send healing energy across time and space by using specific symbols, intending for the energy to reach the recipient. It is often called “distance healing” or “absentee healing.”
  • · Connection to the Universal Energy: Reiki symbols are thought to act as keys that connect the practitioner to the universal life force energy. By using these symbols, practitioners can tap into a deeper source of healing energy, which they can direct toward themselves or others.
  • · Enhancing Intuition: Some Reiki symbols are believed to help practitioners access their intuition and higher consciousness. Individuals may experience heightened insight and spiritual awareness by meditating on these symbols.

Reiki symbols are a fundamental aspect of traditional Usui Reiki, one of the most well-known Reiki systems. However, there are different branches of Reiki, and not all use symbols or place the same importance on them. The exact symbols and their interpretations may also vary between Reiki traditions and lineages. Karen Harrison at Whole Life Center in Kansas City teaches the Usui symbols. 


Practitioners use the Reiki symbols during a session by visualizing, drawing, or naming them. Doing so activates the stimulus/response process, recalling the type of energy referenced and helping the practitioner access higher-level spiritual energies represented by each symbol. When you take a class, you will learn about each Reiki symbol’s meaning and what type of healing energy it embodies. In Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki traditions, the Reiki symbols are kept secret and are only revealed to those who receive training. 


The significance of Reiki symbols lies in their role as tools to facilitate the healing process and connect the practitioner to the universal life force energy, allowing for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. If you want to learn more about Reiki symbols or how to use them, contact us at the Whole Life Center at (816) 523-4440. To save time, you can also contact Karen online! She offers Reiki symbols classes from beginner to Master levels in person and virtual. At the Whole Life Center, we will be happy to walk with you on your journey of discovery. 

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