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Thursday, Feb. 25th 2021

Energy Healing Brings Balance with Reiki and Healing Touch

Energy healing is based on ancient traditions and has been in use for more than 2,000 years. Asian healers believed that the flow and balance of life energies were important in maintaining health and that illnesses were due to energy imbalances. They developed the laying on of hands as a way to correct the imbalances.

In Reiki energy healing, practitioners place their hands on or slightly above a person’s body with the intention to help or heal the person. In doing so, they are consciously directing universal life energy that affects the electromagnetic fields surrounding the person to bring about balance and stimulate their body’s own natural healing ability. This modality traditionally referred to as Laying on of Hands, is based on the assumption that a human being is open to receiving Divine energy that comes from God, the Creator. Believing that illness is an imbalance in a person’s energy field, clearing or balancing the energy field promotes health.

According to the Hebrew Bible, the laying on of hands was a healing modality used by Jesus, who told us we should do likewise. It was an action referred to on numerous occasions to accompany the conferring of a blessing or authority. [Num 27:15–23, Deut 34:9.] As used in Reiki, energy healing is not a religion but is a spiritual practice for bringing about physical and emotional healing. Everyone has natural abilities to heal and enhance the healing in others, and by the laying on of hands, energy healing is possible.

We know that universal life force energy flows through every living creature, and through the Reiki approach, powerful energy is activated to help clear away blockages of negative energy and bring about physical, mental, and emotional balance. This subtle, laying-on-of-hands approach to healing is not only easy to do, but anyone can learn to use it.

Whole Life Center in Kansas City offers energy healing classes where students learn how to use powerful, healing energy to bring about lasting effects for symptoms of disease affecting a person’s mind, body, and spirit.   


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