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Thursday, Feb. 11th 2021

Reiki for Empaths Promotes Energy Healing and Finding Balance

Reiki for empaths offers everything a highly-sensitive person needs to find balance, increase their vitality, and avoid dis-ease. When someone is empathetic, they can readily sense and feel other peoples’ physical or emotional states and pain. Empaths naturally tend to put others’ needs before themselves. Being an empath is mostly a pleasant experience, but when around people who are feeling physically unwell or emotionally distraught, they can quickly feel overwhelmed, or unwell themselves.

While being so deeply sensitive to others, sometimes it is necessary to clear away the unwanted energy and restore balance and harmony. Reiki for empaths is an effective method of helping maintain their health and wellbeing.

Holy Fire® Reiki and Holy Fire® Karuna contain the best and most powerful Reiki for empaths tools. For instance, when you are feeling stressed or agitated, find a quiet, comfortable place and draw or visualize the Power symbol or Holy Fire® symbol in front of your trunk and then each chakra, starting with the root and moving to the crown, and recite this affirmation, “I strengthen my light with Reiki. Anything less than love and light will transform or leave.” The soft, white mist of the Holy Fire® energy continuously clears and transforms energy around you.

In a conflictual or highly emotional situation with another, set aside your ego and let go of any attachment to the outcome. With the intention that Reiki is continuously transmuting lower vibrational energy, visualize the Mental/Emotional or Holy Fire® symbol between you and the other person. Take note of how you are feeling physically and emotionally, and if you feel pain or emotions that you didn’t have when you started the Reiki for empaths session, work on those areas of the body or those feelings.

Use Reiki for empaths to clear and bless your space, keeping the energy vibration high by drawing the Reiki symbols on the four walls, ceiling, floor, and center of the room. Draw the Mental/Emotional symbol over the doorway, intending that whoever goes through the door is being cleared. Add extra power to your clearing by spraying essential oils, burning incense or sage, or using tuning forks.

While being an empath can be challenging, learning Reiki for empaths helps highly-sensitive people manage difficulties while embracing the gifts being empathic has to offer. Contact KAREN HARRISON – WHOLE LIFE CENTER at 816-523-4440 or Email: karen@karenharrison.net

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