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Thursday, Nov. 22nd 2018

Reiki For Empaths Clears Negative Energy And Restores Harmony

Reiki for Empaths is used to help empathic individuals learn to manage their innate gift. Empath’s have an enhanced ability to understand another person’s pain and emotions. Sometimes being empathetic can be a problem; at those times Reiki for Empaths can help clear away unwanted energy and emotions.

Being empathetic has been described by the British poet David Jones as: “It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply.” Empaths are more compassionate to others’ situations, having an enhanced ability to understand another person’s feelings.

To be an Empath means that you

  • Are deeply moved by the arts, music and spiritual experiences 
  • Want to help others and put them first
  • Are often highly creative
  • Are very strong due to your vulnerability
  • Are more in touch with your emotions
  • Want to work at what you are passionate about
  • Have an enhanced sense of knowing that goes beyond intuition
  • Love animals and all natural things

If you are an Empath, then you are a highly-sensitive individual who feels more emotional at times than you want to. When others around you are suffering from emotional pain, it is likely you are feeling it, too. Reiki for Empaths helps negate the negative energy, restoring balance and bringing about harmony. 

Reiki for Empaths helps us to interpret our emotions and the emotions of others. By replacing negative thoughts and feelings with healthy thoughts and feelings through Reiki, balance can be achieved. Reiki raises the vibratory level in and around the body causing negative energy to break apart and fall away. Reiki for Empaths heals the body’s energy pathways, allowing healthy energy to flow, thus attaining a higher level of consciousness.

Characteristics of an Empathic Person

Reiki for Empaths helps balance our Chakras when we give or receive Reiki for ourselves or others. This is the core of helping the highly sensitive person. It also helps to clear any build-up of disruptive energy that sometimes accumulates. For more in-depth Information, see my article “Reiki for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, Part 2” 

Reiki is the Solution: Healing Empathic Issues,” a Reiki News Magazine article by Maryellen Nardomarino, offers an explanation as to why the flow of Ki is important. She asserts that in many Empaths, emotional information from others flows into their Sacral Chakra and is funneled up into higher Chakras to be assessed and processed. She says that if the major Chakras are not balanced, the constant stream of information will not flow freely but instead get stuck in the Sacral Chakra, and this higher Chakra processing will not take place. The Empath is then left confused about what is coming from within as opposed to what is coming from without. Maryellen maintains that the ultimate protection isn’t protection at all but rather a deep healing and balancing of one’s energy system through Reiki.

Empaths are prone to getting out of balance. As an Empath myself, I have been challenged when feeling a clients’ pain and anxiety. Tools for Reiki for Empaths helps keep me balanced and sensitive in order to help other people who come to my classes. Understanding and being able to use tools for Reiki for Empaths can help bring about healing energy that will enhance your ability to help others.

Being a highly sensitive person and an empath are not mutually exclusive: you can be both at the same time. Many highly sensitive people are also empaths.” – Judith Orlof, The Empath’s Survival Guide

Reiki for Empaths is rewarding as it helps one learn to transform emotions while instilling greater confidence in handling life’s challenges. Reiki for Empaths imparts a clearer emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. This is the way of Reiki for Empaths. It heals in every way, brings deeply felt happiness, peace and real freedom.  

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