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Thursday, Sep. 13th 2018

Reiki for Empaths

Reiki for Empaths is a term that describes the use of Reiki energy to help empathic individuals learn to manage their innate gift. To be an Empath is to be highly attuned to another person’s emotional state; to more easily sense and experience the pain and feelings of another person. While being empathetic is usually considered to be a gift, there are times when it becomes problematic. Reiki for Empaths can help one understand how to clear away any unwanted energy that is contributing to unwelcome emotions. 

Emotions and Reiki
Emotions are energy and are meant to move and flow. The free and balanced flow of healthy Ki, or life energy, translates into well-being. Our emotions impact our daily lives in a number of ways. A disruption in the flow of healthy Ki causes imbalance. We know that when we have positive thoughts we feel good, while negative thoughts make us feel bad. Physical manifestations of emotional imbalance are an increased our heart rate, breath rate, perspiration and hormones. Emotions make us feel anxious. When emotions are overwhelming we feel out of sorts and unbalanced. We communicate poorly, which can cause even more problems. Reiki for Empaths helps us to interpret our emotions and the emotions of others, and helps to bring about balance.

Reiki Heals Emotions
Reiki works with negative thoughts and feelings by replacing them with healthy thoughts and feelings. It raises the vibratory level in and around the body so that negative energy breaks apart and falls away. Reiki heals the energy pathways, allowing healthy Ki to flow and it raises it up to a higher level of consciousness.
An Empath feels more compassion and has an increased ability to understand another person’s feelings. An Empathic person:
  • Is deeply moved by the arts, music and spiritual experiences 
  • Wants to help others and put them first
  • Is often highly creative
  • Is more vulnerable than others, but stronger because of it
  • Is more in touch with their emotions 
  • Has a sense of knowing that goes beyond intuition
  • Loves animals and all things in nature 
Reiki for Empaths 
  • Helps the Empath to manage intense emotions and pain 
  • Is a valuable tool for managing feelings of being overwhelmed or overstimulated 
  • Brings deep healing and balance of one’s energy system
Empaths are prone to getting out of balance. As an Empath myself, I have been challenged when feeling a clients’ pain and anxiety. Tools for Reiki for Empaths helps keep me balanced and sensitive in order to help other people who come to my classes. Understanding and being able to use tools for Reiki for Empaths can help bring about healing energy that will enhance your ability to help others.
The highly sensitive Empath regards their gift of empathy as their greatest strength. However, an empath also feels the highs and lows of life. It is not always easy being empathic.
During my experience as a teacher of Reiki, I have often met Empaths among my students, many of whom acknowledged taking a Reiki class to learn how to handle the challenges they encounter. Reiki for Empaths is rewarding as it helps you learn to transform emotions as it instills greater confidence in your ability to deal with the challenges of life. These new skills give you a clearer emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. You learn to trust in the flow of life and completely accept life, allowing life to flow through you to others. This is the way of Reiki for Empaths. It heals in every way, brings deeply felt happiness, peace and real freedom. 
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