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Thursday, Aug. 30th 2018

Reiki Symbols Empower Spirituality

The activation and use of Reiki symbols empower a person practicing Usui Reiki in the placement ceremony by helping them connect to a higher level of healing energy, thereby increasing the power of the symbol. These symbols are referred to by their intention, each symbolic name representing its purpose – Power, Mental/Emotional (Harmony), Distant, Usui Master and Holy Fire. With the exception of the Holy Fire symbol, the Japanese names of the symbols, or kotodama – which means “the secret power of words” – can be used. The kotodama are secret to indicate respect for the symbol.

Using Reiki symbols enables a person to come to a deeper understanding of God, to embody spirituality and direct the healing energy to help others. Activating the Power symbol increases the aura of the practitioner. The Power symbol provides protection and is used to clear energy blockages that may be present in one’s home or workplace, and are used to seal healing energy at the conclusion of a treatment session.

Reiki symbols for harmony and love can be used to catch and diffuse emotional energy coming from others. The Mental/emotional symbol, or Harmony symbol, is used during treatment sessions to help with issues of sadness, anger, grief or worry. It can help to heal negative thoughts, replacing them with more productive thoughts and beliefs. When combined with the Distant symbol, these Reiki symbols can be used to bring about the healing of past traumas. They are also used to heal addictions, sleep problems and learning abilities.

A Reiki practitioner uses the Distance healing symbol to send healing energy to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Healing can be sent to people and animals and all living things. It connects persons across space and time to resolve past and future issues. The Distance symbol works best when intended “for the highest good of all concerned.”

The Usui Master symbol represents Enlightenment and is representative of everything that is Reiki. Utilized only by Reiki Masters, it is the symbol used to heal the healers. It provides very powerful grounded energy and empowers the Reiki symbols of Power, Harmony, and Distance. The Master symbol assists you with developing and strengthening self-awareness, personal growth, spiritual development, and intuition.

The Holy Fire symbol is the most powerful of all the Reiki symbols. It represents the Holy Spirit and one’s connection to God. The Holy Fire symbol can burn up negative energy, release malefic spirits or entities, and promote healing of the body, mind, and emotions.  Holy Fire empowers by giving vitality, confidence, safety, peace, and a feeling of being loved. The four qualities of the Holy Fire energy are purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance.

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