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Wednesday, Dec. 5th 2018

Space Clearing and Blessing

Space Clearing and Blessing

First published in Reiki News Magazine Winter 2018

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by Karen Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT


How does your house and place of work feel? Do you feel good in your home and workplace? Does the energy feel stagnant, blocked, or worse yet, heavy and dense? Places hold energy and daily we contribute to the energy feeling better, worse or the same. How does that work? We will explore all these topics in this article and how giving Reiki to your space will improve how the space feels and how you feel in it for space clearing.


Ways We Make the Energy Worse

We each have our energy signature and thus our mood and state-of-being affect every place we go. Empaths or highly sensitive people are aware of how different spaces feel. Here are some ways we make the energy in our space feel bad—having an argument with a loved one, being emotionally upset, being in pain, feeling fearful, being frustrated or not being able to sleep and feeling upset about it. I know when I have argued with my daughter, I can feel the negative energy in the space where it occurred as well as the areas where we each retreated to after the argument. This negative energy will hang around for several days or longer depending on whether we resolve the dispute and feel better ourselves or whether I use Reiki or tools to clear it. Whatever we are feeling fills the room with that vibration. Being in a place with negative energy can make you feel tired, drained, agitated or sad. So, if you argue with someone, give yourself Reiki, send Reiki into the relationship to heal it and Reiki the room.

Watching television in a room brings the energy of what is on the show into the room. Whether you are watching the latest current event disaster, an action movie or a comedy, the energy from the show will fill the space around the TV and the whole room. As an example, my daughter laid on my bed in a rented vacation condominium and watched comedy shows all afternoon. When I returned, I could feel all the energy from the shows in the room. I spent some time clearing it but still dreamt I was sleeping in a dorm with other people. Consider only watching TV in a family room rather than in your bedroom because you will be sleeping in the energy of what was on the TV and that will enter your subconscious mind.


Checking the Energy in a Room

Here is a method that I use to check the energy in a room. Stand outside the door and notice how you feel in your chest. Then walk through the doorway and see if you feel expanded or contracted in your chest. If you feel contracted, the room needs some energy clearing.


Space Clearing and Blessing

Reiki is the perfect vehicle for clearing and blessing your space. Activate Reiki and merely intend that you are clearing and blessing the room using any of the techniques below.

The easiest way to perform space clearing and blessing is to draw the CKR symbol in the air on the four walls, the ceiling, the floor and the center of the room. With Reiki, I activate the Reiki energy and beam Reiki to all these places. With any level of Reiki, you can activate your Reiki and sit in the center of the room and intend to fill the room with Reiki. Draw the SHK symbol over the doorway, intending that all who pass through the door are having their energy field cleaned. Use your most powerful symbols, such as the Holy Fire symbol in the room. If you have the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master symbols, use Rama to ground the room, Harth to fill it with love, Gnosa for effective communication, Shanti for peace and any of the other symbols. With Rama, I like to imagine it twirling around the room soaking up all energy that needs to be cleared and grounded.

Add more power to your clearing by adding in other elements. A fun way to clear the energy is by using a sound that you create. Draw the symbols on a drum or a singing bowl. Then walk around the room playing the drum or singing bowl. In my office and meeting rooms, I routinely use tuning forks for clearing. I activate them by hitting them against the carpet and then draw Reiki symbols with them as I walk around the room. You can also sing or chant. If you are alone or with others attuned to the level of Reiki for which you are using the symbols, you can chant the names of the symbols as you walk around the room while drawing them. Since the names of the Karuna symbols are not secret, you can chant their names with others. Try singing a happy song or sing something spiritual. You can also use bells.

Using burning incense or sage, you can draw the symbols in the air with the incense stick or with sage in a coffee cup. I now prefer essential oils for clearing because burning things can be a respiratory and eye irritant. Place fifteen drops of essential oil in a travel size bottle, fill with water and shake. Spray the room as you walk around drawing the symbol. Essential oils that are good for clearing are Palo Santo, Sage, Frankincense, Rose, Idaho Blue Spruce, Orange and others. After you have cleared the room, run a diffuser with essential oils. Choose high-quality essential oils that are therapeutic grade and organic to get the best effect because they will have the highest vibration. Low quality, synthetic essential oils have a low vibration.

Play high vibration music. Music can have a powerful effect on people as well as places. I like Reiki Chants, by Jonathan Goldman, and many others will work. Music that you consider spiritual should have the highest vibration.

Place Reiki cleansed and charged crystals around the room. To cleanse your crystals, draw Reiki symbols over them and intend to cleanse and charge them. You can certainly do more with this, so check out Colleen Benelli’s article, “Imbue Your Sacred Objects with Reiki,” in the Summer 2018, Reiki News Magazine. I have over three hundred pounds of Reiki infused crystals in and around my home. In my bedroom, I have selenite rocks in the four corners to clear the energy. You could also plug in a salt lamp because salt is clearing.

Call on enlightened beings and say prayers and ask for their help in cleansing and charging the room. Angels love to come and assist you with your spiritual endeavors. You can set an intention for your clearing such as, “I am releasing stuck energy and welcoming in new energy that supports my life purpose.”

Open the windows and doors and let the air circulate. Nature has a high vibration and bringing in natural elements can help to raise the vibration of a space.

Here is a flame technique that does not emit any smoke. Line a pan with aluminum foil to protect it. Mix ½ cup Epsom salt with one ounce of 91 percent alcohol. Draw Reiki symbols over the pan and light it with a long-handled lighter. It will flame like fondue. Walk around the room.

Clutter creates stuck energy and stress. I am guilty of filling flat surfaces with stuff. Luckily, since I often teach in my home, I must clean and organize the space on a regular basis. I notice that having clear counters makes me feel more relaxed in my area.

Trees and plants hold energy and contribute to a higher vibrational space as well as help to ground your house to the earth so that you feel present and alert in your space. I have planted many trees around my house and have a lovely garden on my deck. Trees and plants love to receive Reiki. They will help to anchor in a higher vibration.


Removing Spirits From a Space

What do you do if you feel an unwanted spirit is in your home? My favorite way to clear it is by using the “Healing Spirit Attachments” exercise from the Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master Manual, by William Lee Rand. If you have not taken that class, then call on enlightened beings such as Jesus and Archangel Michael. Power yourself up with all your Reiki symbols and intend to send Reiki to the spirit, asking the Higher Power to carry it off to the light. You can read more about this procedure, on page 50, in Reiki, the Healing Touch, by William Lee Rand.

How Often Does Your Space Need Clearing?

You may wonder how often to perform space clearing and blessing. In my home when I am the only one living here, I routinely go through my home once every two weeks. Before I begin supplying counseling or Reiki sessions for the day at my office, I take a few minutes to clear and bless my office. Then if I have a difficult session, I clear and bless the space before the next client comes in. Formerly when four people were living in my home along with many visitors, we cleared and blessed the space daily to weekly. Walk around your home and do your assessment of the energy. You will be guided intuitively as to how often to work on your home or office.

The first time you clear a space, allow more time, such as thirty minutes to one hour or more, depending on the size. If you keep up with space clearing, you may find you can complete it within a couple of minutes to fifteen minutes, again depending on the size.

Some essential times to cleanse the energy are after someone moves out or when moving into a new home or apartment, after a breakup, when trying to sell your home, after a divorce and after an illness or death. I have many stories from my students about homes they had for sale that were not selling. After using Reiki on the homes, all of them sold within three weeks.


Space Clearing and Blessing From a Distance

You can certainly do space clearing and blessing from a distance. Use the HSZSN symbol along with your other Reiki symbols and connect energetically to the space. Then I like to imagine the CKR or Holy Fire symbols moving back and forth between the front and back of the house or office, between the sides of the house and from the floor to the ceiling and back. Next, send the energy around the entire inside in a spiral starting at the outside and moving in, taking the cleared energy to Heaven or the earth. Send Reiki around the outside. You could also imagine a hologram of the home and clear it room by room. If you have a blueprint, you can look at that and use Reiki to clear it. Let your intuition guide you.


Offer Space Clearing and

Blessing as an Additional Service

Many people want to have their homes or offices cleared. You can charge your regular session rate as well as some travel time. Depending on the size of the house and the energy there, space clearing may take one to two hours. Offer your services to a realtor to help them sell homes.



I love clearing and blessing my home and office as well as the meeting rooms where I hold Reiki Circle and teach Reiki. As an empath, I am sensitive to energy, and I want the energy where I live and work to support me and the work I am doing in the world. Heavy energy drags me down and makes me feel bad. Reiki is the perfect tool to raise the vibration in any space quickly and easily. Experiment with different techniques and find what you like and what works for you. All the above ideas are meant to get you thinking about what you might want to do. If you have a new idea, try it and see how it works.

Cleansing and blessing the energy in your home or office turns it into a sanctuary of peace that nurtures the soul. You will be able to do your best work, and you will feel most at home, able to be yourself while feeling safe and protected. Visitors and family members will feel comfortable and drawn to your space. When I teach in my home, I have had students comment that they want to stay because the energy feels so different than that to what they have become accustomed. Space blessing creates a sacred space. As we raise the vibration of our homes and offices, we contribute to a more peaceful and loving world.


Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.

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