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Thursday, Dec. 26th 2019

Reiki for Empaths Promotes Balance and Healing

Reiki for Empaths draws on life force energy to help clear away unwanted energy and restore emotional balance and spiritual healing. If you are empathetic, by your very nature you more easily sense and experience the pain and feelings of another person, and at times you may feel overwhelmed or overstimulated. Reiki helps you manage those feelings and brings deep healing and restores the balance of your energy system.

As an Empath, you have unique characteristics that are different from most people. You are more compassionate and have a deep longing to help others, putting their needs before your own. Being a highly sensitive Empath can be empowering, but it also makes you more vulnerable. Your gift is your greatest strength, although it is not always easy because you feel the emotional highs and lows of everyday life.

Fortunately, Reiki imparts a clearer emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. It helps you learn to transform emotions by instilling greater confidence in handling life’s challenges. In addition, it enables you to help others as it heals in every way, brings deeply felt happiness, peace and real freedom.

When there are disruptions in the flow of healthy energy, it affects your emotions and makes you feel anxious, out of sorts and unbalanced. The imbalance can cause physical changes in your body, such as an increased heart rate and erratic breathing. Reiki for Empaths can help you understand your emotions and the emotions of others, restoring balance with its healing energy.

More precisely, Reiki works with negative thoughts and feelings by replacing them with healthy thoughts and feelings. It raises the vibratory level in and around the body so that negative energy breaks apart and falls away. Reiki for Empaths heals the energy pathways, allowing healthy Ki to flow and it raises it up to a higher level of consciousness.

Reiki for Empaths class is rewarding as it helps you learn to transform emotions as it instils greater confidence in your ability to deal with the challenges of life. These new skills give you a clearer emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. You learn to trust in the flow of life and completely accept life, allowing life to flow through you to others. This is the way of Reiki for Empaths. It heals in every way, brings deeply felt happiness, peace and real freedom.





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