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Thursday, Jan. 9th 2020

Reiki Symbols Taught In Usui/Holy Fire® Training Classes

The five Reiki symbols; Power, Harmony, Distance, Usui Master, and Holy Fire® are used to teach Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki classes at Whole Life Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Receiving the Placement/Attunement to the Reiki symbols helps students to become more spiritually connected to the Divine Source for guidance, intelligence, and power. Once a student takes a Reiki class and receives the Placement/Attunement, they are able to direct healing energy toward others.

Each symbolic name represents its purpose in the practice of Reiki. Their meanings and intentions are:

Power Symbol – Gives more powerful healing energy to the practitioner and provides protection. It is beneficial for clearing the home and environment.

Harmony Symbol – Sometimes referred to as the Mental/Emotional symbol, it is used for healing fear, anxiety, grief, and sadness. It is favored by Empaths as a powerful shield for catching and diffusing emotional energy. It is very effective for healing addictions, past traumas, sleep problems and finding lost items.

Distance Symbol – This symbol works best when intended “for the highest good of all concerned.” Practitioners use this symbol to send healing energy across space and time to resolve issues of both the past and the future.

Usui Master Symbol – Only a Reiki Master can use this symbol. The Usui Master symbol represents Enlightenment; it is representative of everything that is Reiki. It empowers the symbols Power, Harmony, and the Distance, and is important for developing and strengthening one’s self-awareness, personal growth, spiritual development, and intuition.

Holy Fire® Symbol – This most powerful symbol represents the spiritual flame of Divine Holy Spirit energy. Its most important qualities are purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance. It can be used to dispel negative energy, release malefic spirits or entities, and promote holistic healing – body, mind, and emotions. It can also improve one’s vitality and confidence, and instill more profound feelings of safety, peace, and of being loved.

The Reiki symbols Power, Harmony and Distance are given to students at the Reiki II level. In Reiki I, the student learns the history of Reiki, what is Reiki and how it heals. The symbols are activated by a Reiki practitioner during a sacred meditation ceremony called an Attunement, or Placement, in which students receive Empowerment for the Second Degree Reiki symbols. Reiki II teaches students more about the symbols, and they receive empowerment to the Reiki II energy. After six months of practice with Reiki II, students progress to Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Master.

Reiki symbols empower spirituality and enable Reiki practitioners to focus on the healing energies that come from God. Whenever Reiki symbols are used, a person’s higher consciousness responds by altering and directing the way life force energy flows. For anyone interested in learning more about the sacred Reiki classes, please call 816-523-4440, or visit our website. We can also be found on Facebook.  




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