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Thursday, Jul. 26th 2018

What Is Reiki? – Reiki Master Kansas City

What is Reiki? The term Reiki comes from the Japanese language meaning universal life force energy. Reiki is a natural energy that comes from God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus. It is used by practitioners and therapists who channel subtle healing energy by touch or laying on of hands into another being. When alternative health providers are asked ‘What is Reiki?’ it can encompass a complicated explanation to impart their specific knowledge and interpretation of this method of healing the whole person.

In its simplest definition, Reiki could best be described as a subtle channeling of Ki (energy) through human touch to restore balance in a person when their energy becomes weak or is blocked. This energy does not come from anyone’s personal ability and is not affiliated with a particular religious belief or practice.

What is Reiki - Karen Harrison Whole Life Center reiki masterReiki is a non-invasive healing technique that is applied through light touch or hands over the body to promote whole-body healing. It has been used to alleviate physical illness, disease, spiritual agitation and many other ailments. On a spiritual level, what is Reiki can be defined as the channeling of Divine Energy, which comes from a Higher Power.

When someone’s spiritual or physical energy is low they begin to feel weak and can become ill. Alternatively, when the energy is high, a person will feel well and have more vitality and confidence. The energy of life leaves our physical body upon death. In life, this energy can be weakened by negative thoughts and emotions, causing a restriction in the flow of energy within us, and bring about dis-ease. What is Reiki is a method of restoring health and wellbeing through healing touch.

Karen Harrison, a Reiki Master at Whole Life Center, will communicate with you by telephone, and connect with you energetically through Byosen Scanning to determine where your body needs Reiki healing energy. To schedule your session to learn more about What is Reiki, call today. 816-523-4440 or visit us on the web.

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