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Thursday, Mar. 22nd 2018

Reiki Symbols – What They Mean

Reiki symbols are used in the practice of Usui Reiki for levels Reiki II and above. They do not hold any special power by themselves and are activated for use by a Reiki practitioner during a ceremony called an attunement or placement. Once a practitioner has been empowered with the symbols, the person may use the symbol for life. Using the symbol will help to increase the power of the symbol.

The five Reiki symbols used in Usui/Holy Fire Reiki are Power, Mental/Emotional, Distant, Usui Master, and Holy Fire symbol.  All but the Holy Fire symbol may be referred to by the Japanese name, or kotodama, which means the secret power of words. The Japanese names of Reiki symbols are secret to indicate respect for the symbol.

The Power symbol – is used as a means of increasing power and places the power of the Universe here, according to Mrs. Takata. It may also be used to focus one’s attention, or for physical healing, cleansing, and for anything. Practitioners use it to strengthen their power before sessions by drawing it over their chakras and on their hands. It is also used at the end of sessions to seal the healing energy. Activating the Power symbol increases the energy the Reiki practitioner is able to use beyond the power of the Reiki I energy.

The Mental/Emotional symbol – is the symbol used for mental and emotional healing and for healing or improving relationships. Practitioners use it during treatments for any kind of emotional issue like sadness, fear, worry, grief, anger, or frustration. It can also be used to heal your negative thoughts and replace them with new, more productive thoughts and beliefs. This symbol is very helpful, when combined with the Distant symbol, in healing past traumas and hurtful situations.  Some other uses for this symbol are for healing addictions, getting to sleep or back to sleep, remembering one’s dreams, finding lost items, and learning new material.

The Distant symbol – crosses time and space. It is used to send energy or Ki from a distance. This symbol unites a person with another from across time and space, and is an essential tool that practitioners use to connect one with their inner child or resolve past issues, including past-life issues. The practitioner can also send distance healing forward in time to help manifest good results and works best when intended “for the highest good of all concerned.” Using this symbol is like holding a prayer intention for a longer period of time than is normal with a prayer. One may send healing to the planet, connect with an Angel, or send Reiki to a crisis situation. Healing can be sent to animals, water, and all living things. The Reiki energy respects free-will, so it will only work if the person or animal receiving it allows it on a soul level.

The Usui Master symbol – is one of the most powerful symbols, and can only be used by a Reiki Master. Translated it has several meanings: great bright light, great shining light, Great being of the universe, shine down on me day and night, and Treasure house of the great beaming light. The Master symbol empowers the first three symbols and strengthens them in a grounded way. It enhances the connection between one’s physical and higher self so that one may more easily access one’s spiritual gifts. The Master symbol assists you with developing and strengthening self-awareness, personal growth, spiritual development, and intuition.

The Holy Fire symbol – represents the Holy Fire, which is a spiritual flame of Holy Spirit energy. The actual image is a living flame with brilliant colors that are constantly changing and has a very bright center.  One may think of it as light energy. The practitioner may see the flame in one’s mind’s eye or flames around or coming from the hands or around the client’s body.  The Holy Fire symbol can burn up negative energy, release malefic spirits or entities, and promote healing of the body, mind, and emotions.  Holy Fire can empower by giving vitality, confidence, safety, peace, and a feeling of being loved. The four qualities of the Holy Fire energy are purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance.

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