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Thursday, Apr. 12th 2018

Holy Fire Reiki Heals

Holy Fire Reiki is a miraculous way to clear one’s self of negative energy, enabling a person to receive healing energy from Holy Spirit and Jesus. It leads to a sense of calm and peace and continues to expand and unfold. It allows for a resolution of emotional issues, clearing out old patterns, and ultimately helping an individual to achieve a healthier state of well-being.


Usui Reiki is a form of energy healing with roots in pre-World War II Japan. Dr. Hayashi was a Japanese Sensei, who developed a system of attunement to Reiki using symbols, drawing on high-frequency spiritual energy to produce a more enlightened level of awareness in a person and to activate his or her healing energy in a stronger way.


A combination of traditional Usui Reiki and a contemporary evolution of Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. The energy of Holy Fire Reiki comes from a higher level of consciousness and is more effective than any energy the practitioners at the ICRT have utilized before. It spontaneously provides guidance for every level of life experience, healing deeply and quickly without distress. It works continuously to release worry and agitation, leaving a person with a sense of calm and peace. This guides a person in their ability to love themselves and others, filling them with self-confidence, enthusiasm and feelings of kindness and joy.


William Lee Rand, who introduced Holy Fire Reiki, avows that Holy Fire Reiki continues to expand and unfold ever greater capacities in the individual, leading to the experience of an ongoing sense of abiding peace, a soul-deep sense of love and contentment. Holy Fire Reiki always respects an individual’s free will.


Personally, I have found that Holy Fire Reiki is more rewarding when I work on my own issues because it resolves issues much more quickly and I find myself remaining calmer and happier through difficult situations. I have found that I can contact that part of myself that knows that all is well. I often feel a sense of fulfillment with Holy Love, which is part of the Holy Fire system. Holy Love helps to heal old, painful emotions. The gift of Holy Fire Reiki is one which we all deserve and can use.


I am a Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training and the Co-Director of the Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Training Program. If you would like to find out more about Holy Fire Reiki, visit me on the web at www.karenharrison.net or call 816-523-4440.

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