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Thursday, Jan. 23rd 2020

Energy Healing Is A Holistic Approach To Whole Body Healing

Energy healing helps to restore a person’s body and mind and promotes spiritual health and well-being. Reiki practitioners promote healing by drawing on the life force energy that comes from God. This powerful divine energy removes blocked energy in the body to bring about an ultimate state of balance in a person. This important method of healing helps in all the areas of our lives that prevent us from feeling complete joy and harmony.

When we realize that everything around us contains energy, including our thoughts, it helps us to understand that we can influence how to use Source energy for healing. For instance, giving energy to our thoughts can manifest as a habit, behavior or action. Dwelling on negative thoughts will often manifest as physical illness. Conversely, positive thoughts encourage the natural flow of positive energy and can result in better health and spiritual balance. This is the core focus of whole-person healing.

Acupuncture and acupressure, Bio-energy healing, Chakra healing, and Reiki are the preferred methods of many practitioners for healing with Divine Energy. They are all effective techniques used to treat illness, emotional pain and energy blockages. At Whole Life Center, we promote the Reiki holistic approach and offer classes for those who want to learn and practice how to heal with Reiki. It is a method of healing, both for one’s self and for others, that is easy to learn and do, and has powerful, lasting effects for a wide spectrum of symptoms of the mind, body and spirit.

In Reiki classes, you will learn about the Reiki symbols and how they are used to access Divine healing energy. Our manual, “Reiki the Healing Touch”, by William Lee Rand, covers the symbols in depth. You will learn how to transmit this subtle energy to a person through your hands, helping to relieve the effects of accumulated stress and restore balance and vitality. Importantly, you will learn how to reduce or eliminate a person’s mental and physical pain. Reiki energy healing must only be used for positive purposes, and never for any negative result.

You can learn about Reiki healing at my Reiki I and II classes, which are taught together over two days in an intensive, loving, sacred way. Students will receive placements which allow access to greater healing energy.   


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