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Thursday, Oct. 11th 2018

Energy Healing Helps Restore Body, Mind and Spiritual Health

There are various methods of energy healing used by practitioners of Reiki – chakra healing, bio-energy healing, acupuncture and acupressure and Reiki – all are techniques used to treat illness, emotional pain and energy blockages. Energy healing with Reiki is a holistic approach to whole person healing. It is easy to do and anyone can learn to use it for powerful, lasting effects. It can help with a wide spectrum of symptoms of the mind, body and spirit.

Practitioners of Reiki energy healing work to remove blocked energy pathways, promoting an ultimate state of balance in a person. The subtle transmission of energy helps restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in people and in animals. Drawing on the life force energy that comes from God can bring about relaxation in the body, peace of spirit and emotional and physical healing. Reiki energy healing helps in all the areas of our lives that prevent us from feeling complete joy and harmony.

Everything that surrounds us contains energy – even our thoughts – and the more we think about something, the more energy we are giving it. Our thoughts can manifest as a habit, behavior or action. Thoughts that feed on negative energy will often manifest as physical illness. Thinking positive thoughts that reflect our divine core directs positive energy and can result in better health and spiritual balance. Our positive thoughts encourage the natural flow of the healing energy.

Energy blockages manifest into anxiety, depression, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other types of imbalance. Through hands-on application the practice of Reiki can be used for many conditions – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments – all respond well to Reiki energy healing. By drawing on the healing energy from the universe, practitioners of Reiki energy healing help restore health and well-being. 

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