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Thursday, Nov. 14th 2019

Energy Healing For Better Health and Meeting Life’s Challenges

Energy healing is a holistic method of clearing areas of the body that have blocked energy. In previous articles, I have discussed the importance of channeling energy to heal areas of the body where physical injury has occurred, or where there is emotional pain. Energy can get trapped in these areas and lead to illness such as anxiety, depression, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other types of imbalance. A person’s pain and discomfort from physical or mental imbalance, whether awake or at rest, can be greatly reduced by the use of life force energy.

Energy healers, using different methods and techniques, channel healing energy to remove blockages and restore health and balance. Using energy for healing is not a ‘new-age’ concept; in fact, it dates back thousands of years. Before there was modern medicine, ancient Asian cultures were using energy for healing. For example, some of the most ancient and well-recognized forms of energy healing are Acupuncture, Prana and Japanese Ki (Chi).

Methods of Energy Healing

Acupuncture is based on stimulating ‘meridians’ (neurohormonal pathways). Technique: Using hair-thin needles inserted just underneath the skin at specific points in the body, energy is transferred from one organ or body part to another.

Chakra healing is used to balance, nurture and heal by clearing the chakras. Technique: Visualizing whirling discs to create and access Prana (vital life force energy). Chakras (from the Hindu Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘disc’) are the areas of the body that house Prana energy. The seven main chakras are root, sacral, heart, throat, third eye and crown. The practice of Yoga is based on Prana.

Reiki – One of the most well-known systems of channeling life force energy. Technique: Reiki healers receive what are called attunements, or placements, for channeling energy into a person through the technique of laying on of hands (hovering over or on a specific area of the body.) Practitioners of Reiki energy healing can alleviate physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments.

Chakra healing and Reiki are the preferred methods of many practitioners. Reiki can heal chakra imbalances. 

Reiki healing can help you meet life’s everyday challenges and heal areas of your life that are preventing you from experiencing complete joy and harmony. You do not have to be spiritual to benefit from energy healing. Further, healing can be given across time and distance, even if the practitioner and the client are not in the same room because the power of intention can cause healing energy to flow to where it’s most needed.

Importantly, anyone can learn how to tap into universal life force energy to bring about optimal health and wellness for themselves and others. Energy healing is so versatile it can be used for humans and pets and for many different issues. Whether it is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailment, it can be used for energy blockages of all kinds, including anxiety, depression, cancer, heart disease, diabetes or any other type of imbalance.

Whole Life Center Energy Healing Classes

More can be learned at my classes, which are taught together over two days in an intensive, loving, sacred way. Students will receive placements that allow access to greater healing energy. 




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