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Friday, Dec. 10th 2021

Energy Healing Classes Bring Comfort and Hope

Energy healing is a topic of interest for people from all walks of life. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider taking a Reiki energy healing class from The Whole Life Center of Kansas City. Reiki is a Japanese healing art whose practitioners learn to use divine energy to bring healing, peace and comfort to themselves and others. The Whole Life Center offers classes online or in person for all levels from beginner to Master. If you wish to learn how to heal yourself and others, Reiki may be right for you.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel comfortable and at peace in a world that seems full of dangers. Watching the evening news brings stories of disease, violence and poverty that can quickly become overwhelming. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new level of daily anxiety that has tested everyone’s resilience. Even without these external influences, the challenges of your own daily life may bring you down, both spiritually and emotionally. The strongest among us have been severely tested over the last couple of years. But you don’t have to let your own troubles or the chaos in the world at large overwhelm your body and spirit! Energy healing techniques such as those you will learn in a Reiki class can help you support and defend yourself and others from the negativity and chaos around you.

For more than two millennia, practitioners of energy healing techniques have held onto the belief that good health may be gained by learning how to maintain the proper flow and balance of life energies, and that illnesses may be caused by imbalances in these same energies. Healing through the laying on of hands is a method that has been used for centuries to bring comfort and relief to the afflicted. The Bible mentions it as a way to convey blessings, affirm authority and bring about healing. Jesus himself used the divine power of his touch to heal those who were physically or mentally ill. 

When you practice energy healing with Reiki, you will access the divine healing energy of God, the Universe or Source, in alignment with your own beliefs. Reiki practitioners use symbols and other tools to tap into the flow of healing energy. By guiding and enhancing these positive energies, they can bring healing and peace to themselves and others. Those who practice reiki believe that this energy is so powerful that, just like prayer,  it can be shared across time and distance.  

If you are interested in learning more about energy healing, the art of Reiki, or any other topics related to your health and well-being, contact The Whole Life Center of Kansas City at 816-523-4440 or use our online form to send us an email. With classes both online and in person, we can help you achieve mental, emotional and physical health and balance as you walk in the world. 

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