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Wednesday, Nov. 24th 2021

Essential Oil Classes Showcase Nature’s Bounty

Essential oil classes are the best way to learn how to create and use botanically-based products to make your home a healthier, happier place. At the Whole Life Center of Kansas City, we offer classes both in-person and online to help you add the beauty of essential oils to your everyday life.
You may wonder why essential oil classes are needed. After all, these substances have been in use for over five thousand years, and information about them is abundant. Your local library or bookstore has shelves full of books devoted to herbs, flowers and fruits. What you may not realize is that using essential oils requires some expertise in order to know what to use and how it can be done safely. It is best to learn from an expert, like Karen Harrison of the Whole Life Center. 
There are myriad uses of essential oils for health. Some of these include promoting sleep, relieving stress, and improving mood. Lavender, that powerhouse of the botanical world, is effective for all three! These wonderful gifts of nature are also fantastic to have around your home. Have you ever opened a drawer at your grandmother’s house and been greeted by the sweet smell of roses from a sachet tucked away among the clothes? Does your mom have a cedar chest full of keepsakes from your childhood? You may have thought that these were simply traditions, serving no purpose other than to make things smell good. But those good smells have a purpose! Rose oil has been shown to promote relaxation, and cedar has long been known to discourage moths.
When you take essential oil classes at the Whole Life Center, you will learn a multitude of ways to use these products to enhance health and beauty. In addition, you can learn how to use them to clean and disinfect your home naturally and safely. Did you know that the federal government does not require manufacturers to list all of the ingredients in their cleaning products? Isn’t that a little scary? 
Learning how to use these products safely is important. Some oils are best used diluted when applied to the skin.  Children and animals need their oils diluted. Some oils cause photosensitivity and caution needs to be exercised when using them in the sun. Essential oil classes from the Whole Life Center of Kansas City can provide you with the training and resources you need to incorporate the fragrance, healing and beauty of essential oils in your home and life. 
As you might expect, there is a wide spectrum of products out there, some of which are not the best quality. We use and offer only the highest-quality essential oil products from Young Living Essential Oils. These products are grade A, organic and naturally potent, ensuring that you get the most value for your money.
If you think essential oil classes would benefit you, contact the Whole Life Center of Kansas City at 816-523-4440 to schedule a time, either in-person or online. A healthier, safer, more beautiful home and life awaits you!

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