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Thursday, Nov. 11th 2021

Reiki For Empaths Class Offers Emotional Healing

The Reiki for Empaths class at the Whole Life Center can assist those with empathic personalities to maintain positive energy and emotional balance in today’s chaotic world. What is an empath? An empath is someone who intuitively grasps and experiences other people’s emotions. This may sound like a gift, but if you have an empathic personality you understand how it can also be a challenge. Continually feeling bombarded by the negative feelings and energies of other people can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. If you are an empath and often find yourself unable to maintain your mental and emotional balance, you may find the techniques you will learn in this class helpful. 

According to Psychology Today, “An empath feels and absorbs other people’s emotions and/or physical symptoms. They have a hard time intellectualizing their feelings.” Because they tend to experience the emotions of everyone around them, many empaths are also introverts.  Some struggle with personal relationships or work situations due to feeling overwhelmed or smothered by the feelings of others. 

On the other hand, being emotionally tuned in to other people makes empaths good listeners. This, combined with a natural desire to be helpful, leads others to confide in them or seek out their advice. Although this can be flattering, it can also be a burden. Another difficulty that empaths face is that society tells them that they are too sensitive, or need to toughen up. It’s hard to engage in a world where people don’t understand or value the way you experience things. How can a Reiki for Empaths class help?

The Japanese healing technique of Reiki has much to offer. If you are an empath and a current practitioner of Reiki, the Reiki for Empaths class will teach you how to clear negative energies. You will also learn to place emotional boundaries between yourself and others. This is essential, as you cannot do your healing work when you are not feeling well yourself. If you are an empathic person and have considered trying Reiki, but have been hesitant because you think it might be too emotionally intense for you, this class will teach you how to use your abilities in a positive way. Then you will be able to  help yourself and others through Reiki without becoming drained or overwhelmed.

Reiki for Empaths can instill greater confidence, helping you develop a clearer spirit, mind and body. You will learn how to more effectively handle the emotional ups and downs in yourself and others, in order to be able to send positive, healing, loving energy to those who need it. 

If this sounds like something that would help you, the Whole Life Center offers the Reiki for Empaths class as well as a full spectrum of Reiki classes, both online or in person. We recognize your special gifts as an empathic person. We want to help you feel loved, accepted, and confident as you learn to use your gifts to bring beautiful experiences to yourself and others. If this sounds good to you, contact Karen Harrison at 816-523-4440 or register on our website. Your journey to emotional balance begins soon!

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