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Thursday, Oct. 28th 2021

Reiki Master Classes in Kansas City or Online

Becoming a Reiki Master can help you share love and healing with the world. Whether you are new to the Japanese healing art of Reiki or have been practicing for years, with time and study you can become a Reiki Master. The Whole Life Center of Kansas City offers Reiki Master classes both in-person and online.

If you are new to Reiki, you must begin by taking our Reiki I and II classes. Reiki I will teach you how to perform standard Reiki healing treatments on yourself and others. Reiki II will show you how to use Reiki symbols to concentrate and amplify your healing energy. All classes at The Whole Life Center incorporate Holy Fire® Reiki, a combination of traditional Usui Reiki and a contemporary evolution of Reiki.

You may move on to the Reiki Master class after you have completed at least six months of regular Reiki practice. During the Reiki Master course, you will receive purification and  healing. You will also receive placements and ignitions for the master level. This will help to increase your healing power and strengthen your connection to the source energy. Additionally, you will learn how to start and run a Reiki business, if you desire.

If you choose to teach Reiki to others, you can do so after the Reiki Master class and then you will be a Reiki Master Teacher. Watching and helping others experience Reiki energy for the first time is a transformative experience! 

Do not be concerned if you do not wish to teach Reiki professionally. Teaching is not required to reach the Reiki Master level. Some people become a Reiki Master for their own fulfillment. Others do it so that they can be available to provide healing to members of their family or close inner circle. Still others are drawn to share their healing capabilities with anyone who asks. A few will become professional Reiki teachers. The choice of how to use your newfound knowledge is completely up to you! Reiki Master classes from The Whole Life Center will give you the tools and knowledge to share healing energy and love to people far and near. See our class descriptions for more information about what each class offers.

If you have a desire to complete Reiki Master training so that you can share the love and healing Reiki offers with others, or simply to use it yourself, schedule a class today. Both our online and in-person classes fill up quickly, so don’t wait! If you are unsure if Reiki is right for you or if you have questions, call Karen Harrison at 913-526-6556 for a free fifteen-minute chat. Karen can help you decide what level of Reiki is right for you, including whether you wish to become a Reiki Master Practitioner. If you are worried about the cost of classes, we offer payment options. Contact us today! Your journey to healing, peace and tranquility awaits!

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