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Friday, Oct. 8th 2021

Essential Oil Classes For Home and Health

Essential oil classes can be a great way to learn how to eliminate potentially-toxic beauty and cleaning products in your home. With essential oils, you can enjoy non-toxic, effective and natural alternatives. Whether you want to relieve stress, freshen your home or enhance your feelings of health and well-being, Mother Nature has provided what you need. The Whole Life Center offers essential oil classes featuring Young Living Essential Oils.

What are essential oils? They are powerful substances that can be extracted from a variety of plants. Some are made from  flowers or herbs. Others come from bushes, trees or roots. Resins and some fruit rinds, such as those from citrus fruits are also used to extract essential oils. There are several ways to harvest these substances, which have a wide variety of uses

Before the advent of modern medicine, people all over the world used plants for their healing and soothing properties. Lavender is a good example of this. The first recorded use of this herb was by the Greek physician Dioscordes in the first century A.D.  Roman soldiers used it to treat wounds, and Queen Elizabeth I used lavender to soothe her headaches, as a scent and as a conserve on her dining table. Housewives often grew lavender gardens and laid their laundry upon the lavender plants to dry, imparting the delicate fragrance to their clothes. Modern day shoppers can find a huge variety of lavender products, with this favorite scent featured in everything from laundry detergent to air freshener to tea! When you take essential oils classes at The Whole Life Center, you will learn about this plant and many others. 

Essential oil classes will also teach you how to use natural products to clean your home. Have you ever read the ingredients on the cleaning products under your sink and wondered “What is this stuff? Is it safe for my family and my pets?” If so, you are not alone. Thousands of Americans are questioning the safety of everyday cleaning products for themselves, their families and even pets and wildlife. There are many toxic and potentially harmful compounds in products we use every day. Even worse, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not require manufacturers to list all ingredients in their products! In our essential oil classes, you can learn how to replace potentially-toxic cleaning products with natural ones you can feel good using. 

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, it’s that taking time to be mindful of our mental, physical and spiritual health is vitally important. This is another area where essential oil classes can be helpful. These beautiful, natural substances have been used in spiritual and medical practices for centuries. Most of us have heard of anointing a sick person with oil. Many faiths use oils in their rituals and worship services. Essential oil classes at the Whole Life Center can teach you how to use them safely and effectively to relieve stress, improve health, and enhance your spiritual experiences. Karen Harrison of the whole life center uses and recommends Grade A, organic, and highly effective oils from Young Living Essential Oils. 

If you would like to learn more about how to make your home, your body and your spirit healthier, safer and more beautiful, contact The Whole Life Center at 816-523-4440. Essential oil classes are offered in person in the greater Kansas City area, or online anywhere around the world. We look forward to helping you use Nature’s gifts to enhance your body, mind, spirit and home. 


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