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Thursday, Nov. 12th 2020

Essential Oil Classes: Teaching Children About Essential Oils

Essential oil classes that are child-oriented are growing more popular everywhere. Teachers throughout Kansas City find that essential oils classes are a great way to introduce their students to essential oils and how to use them in their own lives. Adding essential oil classes can be a great addition to the curriculum, for both in the classroom and for virtual classes!

From what we have learned from many of our students who have experience participating in essential oil classes, there are three keys considerations for teaching a successful class yourself:

  • Make sure you have knowledge about essential oils, and experience using them.
  • Focus on a specific, simple goal; don’t try to teach everything at once. 
  • Allow your students to interact with the essential oils as much as possible.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere for your class starts before the class begins. Send Reiki ahead to your students and to the class itself. When students arrive, welcome each of them to class and ask them to greet each other with a hug (if that feels appropriate to the individual students) to help get the interaction going. Have them get to know each other by doing something interactive—for instance having them smudge each other with oils in a diffuser. Ask your students to pair up; they will find themselves making friends with like-minded people, which is often very important to them.

There are many unique ways in which to teach children about essential oils, their origins, how they are distilled, and their many different uses. While essential oils are safe to use when done properly, they are powerful, so when teaching children during essential oil classes, it’s important to respect that and take necessary safety measures, especially with elementary and middle-school students. Also, we encourage you to consult with your student’s parents about any special needs or allergies that the child may have.

Here are some ideas that can help teachers enhance their essential oil classes experience:

  • Try a classroom demonstration to make a waterless hand sanitizer. There is a great need for hand sanitizer use, especially at lunchtime. Infused with soothing aloe vera gel and the cleansing properties of 100 percent pure Young Living’s Thieves® blend and Peppermint essential oil effectively eliminates common, harmful germs and bacteria. Students can put it in a small container and pop it in their backpack!
  • Classrooms full of kids can sometimes develop interesting odors – especially after recess! Have your students help freshen the air and make your classroom smell good by diffusing a blend of Young Living essential oils by combining Peppermint and Basil with Orange essential oils for a refreshing scent. 
  • On test days or study periods, you can use essential oils in your classrooms by diffusing a few drops of KidScents® GeneYus™. The familiar, earthy aroma can promote feelings of grounding and clearness while simultaneously helping to ease feelings of occasional stress and distraction. 

Teaching essential oil classes is so rewarding, and with the help of Reiki and guidance, you can develop the skills that you need to be a successful teacher. 

For more ideas and information about teaching essential oil classes, contact me at Whole Life Center by calling 816-523-4440, Email: karen@karenharrison.net, or on my website. 



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