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Friday, Dec. 18th 2020

Holy Fire® Reiki Brings Gifts of Light

Holy Fire® Reiki Brings Gifts of Light

By Karen Harrison, Pam Allen-LeBlanc, Jay Jackson, Joan Maute, Kathy Milanowski, and Jill Thiel, ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers (LRMTs)

First published in Reiki News Magazine Winter 2020

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As LRMTs, we spend a lot of time with Holy Fire® Reiki, giving sessions and teaching, often in full-time practices. During a retreat at the Maui home of ICRT president, William Lee Rand, a group of us discovered we had been experiencing vibrations beyond those we previously felt in our sessions and practices. Different streams of consciousness that appeared as “Lights” began showing up in our sessions, meditations, and classes.


These Lights that came to us are the Divine versions of psychological states and personality traits that most people commonly experience. The difference is that they are purer, more remarkable, and more deeply healing than what we usually experience. Having discovered these special Reiki Lights, we set out to learn more about them, meeting regularly over the next several months. Here we explain what we have learned about these Lights and describe how to use them.


A group of spiritual beings who call themselves the Brothers and Sisters of the Light and are also known as the Ascended Masters worked with the Holy Spirit to create Holy Fire® Reiki. They are illumined beings and the founders of all the world’s religions and spiritual paths, both known and unknown. They gave this style of Reiki energy to William Lee Rand in January 2014. And while the Holy Fire® energy has been around for thousands of years, access to it has been rare and difficult to achieve. However, this was remedied when the Brothers and Sisters of the Light created a Reiki-like process that allows anyone to access it easily by taking a Holy Fire® Reiki class. This beautiful healing system comes to us as a gift of grace, connecting students to higher levels of consciousness, which are necessary to allow the channeling of Holy Fire energy.


Through meditation with them, we learned the Lights, as emanations of higher consciousness, are a gift to the people of the Earth because we are ready to receive this energy now. The Lights come from the same source as the Holy Fire® energy because, together, we have opened that channel. Holy Fire® Reiki practitioners are helping to call the higher consciousness to the Earth and to anchor it here.


We can say that we are revealing it on Earth, but the energy has always been here, is present everywhere, and because our awareness of it is expanding, we now know about it. The Lights are a representation of expanding consciousness, and as our ability to receive increases, so does our ability to give. The Lights come though the Grace of Holy Fire® energy then move into different streams as they take forms, such as the Light of Beauty, the Light of Compassion, the Light of Truth, and many others.


Within each person lives a compelling and extraordinary aspect of our inner nature composed of the pure, unaltered self. This part connects directly to God-consciousness and possesses the awareness and power of the Universe. It is the Authentic Self, unlimited in its ability to know and to do, and it is who we really are. Unfortunately, most people have little awareness of their Authentic Self.[i]


Starting in childhood, when unhealthy emotions do not receive energy or attention, over time, they become dormant. The unhealed dormant parts reduce a person’s ability to experience feelings and emotions and reduce the ability to respond effectively to the challenges of life. This Dormant Self limits the person’s ability to enjoy the full range of healthy, positive feelings they would otherwise experience. These unhealed dormant parts build up in layers that cover up the Authentic Self and often create a thick hard shell that prevents the Authentic Self from being known to the person or expressing its amazing potential.[ii]


The Lights heal the Dormant Self and all parts of a person willing to receive the healing. As the Lights heal the Dormant Self, they bless and empower a person, raising their consciousness and enabling them to “see” their life from a higher perspective than before. From this higher perspective comes the ability to make choices toward a more abundant and rewarding life.


Anyone with the knowledge of the Lights, and the consciousness to receive the blessings, can access the gift of the Lights. Holy Fire® Reiki Ignitions can open the channel for you to receive them.


When students first receive Holy Fire® energy, it takes time to condition their energy field and expand to a point where they are ready to receive the Lights to use in their healing work. Clients can receive the Lights when they are working with someone who has allowed their consciousness to merge with this higher form of energy. The following are some of the Lights which we have experienced.


The Light of Courage

The Light of Courage is our inner lion heart that gives us the strength to face our fears, to carry on when all hope seems lost, persevere when we want to give up, and step out of our comfort zone and explore scary, unfamiliar things. We can do the hard thing because it’s the right thing, to speak our truth without worrying about what others think, to live without regrets, to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, learning from them and gracefully moving on. We can navigate new territory with insight, wisdom, clear-mindedness, and compassion, and live as our true Authentic Self.


It’s courage that gives us the strength to put our lives in danger to save another, to leave everything we know behind, to go somewhere new, to recover from horrific trauma, to heal a broken heart and love again. Most importantly, this courage gives us the strength to trust in Divine guidance, even when we don’t understand it or like it.


The Light of Courage lives in our third and fourth chakras, our centers of personal power and unconditional love. It’s also contained within the eighth Karuna symbol, Kriya. Invoking this powerful healing energy helps us strengthen our inner Light.


The Light of Truth

When we bring light to anything, we illuminate it, and the Light of Truth brings new awareness into view. At times, a concept of “truth” leads us to believe that truth is absolute. This perception can take us into “this is right” and “that is wrong” mindsets. For example, some may subscribe to specific religious practices or political beliefs that are a central part of their identity, and they believe that their path is the only way.


What if we took “truth” and passed it through a Light of Truth “prism?” Scientifically, when white light passes through a prism, it separates into its component colors—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.[iii] We could say this rainbow effect is how truth exists. I may only see or feel affected by the spectrum of light that displays yellow, and you may feel drawn to the spectrum of violet. I may say that the truth is yellow, and you say that truth is violet. While I am not wrong in saying there is “truth” in the yellow light, I am not honest if I deny your perspective of seeing violet. I also need to consider that there may be many more frequencies of light that I am not humanly capable of discerning.


I can invite the Light of Truth to help me consider that I could suspend my ego and allow others to have their perspectives without judgment. Then I may allow myself the benefit of realizing I may never understand another’s perspective, but that’s okay because truth, when illuminated, displays a canvas of abstract versus absolute.


The Light of Beauty

Calling on the Light of Beauty enables you to see beauty everywhere, including in yourself, because everything is Divine. See your Divine gifts and look for beauty in others. Find the beauty in each situation, no matter how it may appear. Seeing beauty in nature is easy, and nature abundantly rewards you when you look at it and spend time with it, giving you feelings of peace and awe. Finding beauty in things you find ugly may be more of a challenge, but a worthy one! For there is no ugliness without beauty because everything is one. Call on the Light of Beauty and let it flow through you and around you. Immerse yourself in it, and you will find and see beauty more easily in your daily life.


The Light of Beauty provides a view from a higher consciousness so we can see the Divine Beauty in all things. As we rise to this perspective, our old views begin to fall away. And as we see the beauty in others, we see the beauty in ourselves, and it dissolves old feelings and thought-forms that aren’t in alignment with this perspective.


Because it is the Light of Beauty, it has all colors of the spectrum, seen and unseen. You might see layers of different colored lights floating down around you or rising from the Earth to encompass you. Let it enfold you and wash through you as it provides comforting healing, revealing your Authentic Self. It is a gift from the Creator who loves you immensely!


The Light of Peace

The Light of Peace contains the qualities of peace, unification, and harmony. It can bring life, renewal, hope, and balance. Although it can be tempting to exist outside the Light of Peace, to believe in separation, to dislike parts of ourselves or others, or to step into drama and disharmony, peace is our birthright. The qualities of light that compose Peace can lift their opposite, or the duality, from the layers that surround the Authentic Self, allowing us to transcend duality and move into the pure, balanced space of Eternal Peace and exist in harmony.


The Light of Unification releases the belief that separation, from other living beings, God, or even us, is possible. Then it unifies all the parts of our self, ensuring that they work together. The Light of Harmony releases disharmony and discord, first within ourselves, and then within our relationships. Then it stretches out into our communities, countries, and the world, allowing the Lights of Love and Gratitude to fill our being. Embracing Peace allows us to go about our lives calmly and with purpose, connected to our Authentic Selves and our Divine purpose, allowing us to reach our highest potential.


The Light of Compassion

Compassion lies at the heart of our genuine nature as the primal Light of our being. When we invite it in, it transcends the dualistic concepts of self and other. When we have compassion for another, we are sharing their experience as our own and erasing separation.


Our unhealthy experience of self is that we defend it. We build it up or sometimes tear it down. This process is what obscures the Light of Compassion. It can be relentless and exhausting. Many have felt the sensation of feeling lost and alone. In our confusion, we often harm others through what we think, say, and do. In so doing, we unwittingly harm ourselves; this is a part of ourselves that needs healing.


As we experience the Light of Compassion, it heals the self and reveals the compassion that has always existed beneath the unhealed ego. We can experience existing without fear or judgment, and in this space, we allow our primordial Light of Compassion to arise. In the embrace of the Light of Compassion, all positive qualities shine brightly from within—joy, peace, gratitude. These Lights make up the spectrum of our true nature, healing the ego so we can experience the pure nature of our being.


The Light of Joy

The Light of Joy asks us to feel our heart space and invite in Joy. This Light also asks that we connect to the Earth and share this energy. Allow the frequency of Joy to stir the laughter in your heart. When we open ourselves to it, the Light of Joy showers upon us.


For some, sitting quietly and deeply breathing will begin the flow of energy, expanding the heart space with each breath. Others may find that movement enhances energy flow to connect with the Earth more easily. Walking or dancing may allow the incorporation of Joy with each step. In whatever way you best connect with Joy, allow it to flow through you, and unite with Mother Earth as you expand your heart space. Hold the thought “I Am Joy” as you allow yourself to believe it and to smile. Always remember that Joy is a path to Love. When you embrace Joy, you open your heart to Love.


To use the gifts of the Lights, ask for Divine Guidance for the particular Light that you or the client needs. Visualize the stream of consciousness, listen for its name, feel the energy, or use any other way that you can to realize its existence. Then ask the client if they are willing to receive that particular Light. If so, allow the Light to flow either through you and into the client or directly to the client. If the Light also flows through you, it blesses you as well.


Knowing about the Lights opens up our awareness of their presence. Then our guidance can help us get in touch with the most helpful Light. We have found that the following step can enhance your ability to experience and use the Lights: [iv]


  • Give yourself daily Holy Fire® Reiki sessions each day.
  • Receive Holy Fire® Reiki sessions from others.
  • Giving Holy Fire® Reiki sessions to others.
  • Practicing Holy Fire® Reiki Meditation.
  • Praying to be of greater service to ourselves and others.
  • Receiving Ignitions by yourself.
  • Teaching Holy Fire® Reiki classes.
  • Taking Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki class.



Now that you know about the Lights take some time to call on your spiritual Source and connect with them. Be open to your own unique experience, and let the Lights bless your life and the lives of others. We are all anchors, manifesting this energy from the spiritual realm into the physical.


As William Lee Rand wrote, “Many have heard of the coming transformation of the planet in which there will be heaven on Earth. But what if this transformation isn’t going to take place for everyone suddenly all at once? What if it is to occur one person at a time, and as it proceeds, it raises the vibration of the planet so that a broader range of people can feel the energy and be uplifted by it, transforming our world gradually and at an ever-increasing pace? Perhaps that is what is happening right now, and we have already entered the great transformation. Wouldn’t that be a happy surprise?”[v]

May the Lights you experience bless you and heal you to reveal your true nature as a powerful agent of transformation on the planet!


Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.


The writers of this article, pictured above with William Lee Rand, are Jay Jackson, Joan Maute, Kathy Milanowski, Pam Allen-LeBlanc, Karen Harrison, and Jill Thiel. All are ICRT-Licensed Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Masters—Online and In-Person teachers, and Registered Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Masters—Online and In-Person teachers. You may read their profiles at https://www.reiki.org/meet-icrt-licensed-reiki-master-teachers.


Final Endnotes

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