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Wednesday, Dec. 23rd 2020

Spiritual Healing Draws on Divine Energy to Help Restore Health

Spiritual healing is a method that practitioners of Reiki around the world utilize to bring about whole body health and well-being through the laying on of hands technique. We call on God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus for healing energy as it is the most powerful energy. We do not have the power of Jesus, but we call on Jesus for help with spiritual healing. 

In order to facilitate spiritual healing, practitioners must release negative energies. We are influenced on a daily basis by both positive and negative energy. Our habitual thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors come from within ourselves, while others come from outside influences, all of which contribute to the state of our health and well-being. Negative energies can cause accumulations and stresses within our energy systems that weaken us and lead to chronic and serious physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disease and imbalance.

Spiritual healing with Reiki can be achieved through touch – the Laying on of Hands. It is a non-invasive method to bring about balance, healing, and inner peace in a person. In the Christian tradition, laying on hands was a common practice for healing people in the early Church and has been practiced for thousands of years by cultures all over the world. According to the Bible, in ancient times Jesus often laid hands on people before healing them. [Luke 4:40]; [Luke 13:10-13]. 

Reiki practitioners are often called on to help with spiritual healing, to effectively release the unwanted energies that can contribute to life-altering illnesses. Practitioners must set aside their ego in order to access a clear and open channel for only the highest and holiest Reiki energy. A person’s free will is always respected. Anyone can benefit from spiritual healing, but nothing can be done without the person’s permission, and they must agree to release the unwanted energy and accept the healing energy. The person receiving the life-force energy benefits from the profound, lasting effects.

At Whole Life Center, I practice Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki, which calls on God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus as a form of spiritual healing. It is open to people of all faiths – or no particular faith tradition. It is spiritual rather than religious. With this method of Reiki, the most important benefits to a person are spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Using Reiki symbols, practitioners focus on the healing energies that empower a person’s spirituality, altering and directing the way the life force energy flows.

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