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Thursday, Nov. 10th 2022

ICRT Animal Reiki Classes Available with Karen Harrison

ICRT Animal Reiki classes are forming now, and you won’t want to miss out! The Japanese healing art of Reiki uses energy to heal an animal’s body, mind, and spirit of whatever is affecting them. The Whole Life Center in Kansas City offers all levels of classes about energy healing with Reiki, both in person and online. If this sounds like something that your animal could benefit you, Reiki classes may be the option!

If the waves of life are bringing you down spiritually and emotionally, it can begin to impact your physical health as well as that of your animal companion. Stress, anxiety, and depression can overwhelm even the strongest of us at times. Energy healing techniques such as those you will learn in Reiki classes can help you support and defend yourself from the negative energy of the world around you. Reiki classes help teach you how to use energy healing in a positive, durable way. All of the negative happenings in the world right now can quickly become overwhelming. Let Karen help guide you to peace.

Karen Harrison is a senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher through the International Center for Reiki Training, and all Reiki classes are taught according to ICRT standards. Reiki practitioners use symbols and other means to tap into the flow of healing energy during Reiki classes. Energy healing is based on the belief that good health is achieved through maintaining the proper flow and balance of life energies. When we use Reiki to perform energy healing, we access the divine healing energy of God, the Universe or Source, depending upon how you experience it. Students of Reiki classes have reported improvement in their overall mood and physical well-being, while others have even found relief from headaches and nausea. Karen offers Reiki classes from beginner to mastery levels and even animal Reiki classes at the Whole Life Center in Kansas City. You can also register for Reiki classes online! Here’s a brief overview of the animal Reiki classes Karen is offering:

  •        ICRT Animal Reiki I & II: a two-day workshop where you will learn to be able to offer Animal Reiki to all species of animals. This energy is a different one than human Reiki as it includes the Animal Reiki Placement. To take this Reiki classes you must complete level 2 Reiki. This class discusses things such as:
    • Receive Animal Reiki placements for 1 & 2
    • Become a qualified Animal Reiki Practitioner
    • Receive the Animal Reiki symbol
    • Plus, so many other things!
  •        ICRT Animal Reiki Master: this 3-day Reiki classes provides Animal Reiki energy, plus tools and techniques needed to practice with animals, and teach Animal Reiki with skill and expertise. Upon completion of this course, you can teach Animal Reiki I & II and master classes – both in person and online. The prerequisites for this course include completing Animal Reiki 1 and 2, as well as human mastery level. This 3-day course includes:
    • Learn additional skills to help heal animals with Reiki
    • Receive 4 ignitions to the Animal Reiki Energy
    • Receive experiences and meditations
    • And lots of other exciting things!

Check out our class descriptions or use our online form to send us a message requesting more information! Whether you are interested in-person or prefer to learn online, The Whole Life Center in Kansas City has a class to meet your needs. If you are interested in any of our ICRT Animal Reiki classes, please contact Karen Harrison at (816) 523-4440. Whatever you desire to learn and achieve we look forward to helping guide you. 

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