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Thursday, Oct. 27th 2022

Reiki Healing: How Does it Work?

What is Reiki healing, how does it work, and what results does it bring? Reiki healing can be achieved through touch – by laying-on-of-hands or through distance as in prayer. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki healing is what Karen Harrison at Whole Life Center in Kansas City wants to bring to you!
Within Reiki healing we are working with the energy of God/Creator/Source to access higher levels of healing. It is similar to focused prayer and is often done by laying hands lightly on the person. A Reiki healing session is typically one hour long, and much of that time is spent in focused intention to bring about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Many Reiki practitioners also pray before and during a Reiki healing session, asking for God’s help to accomplish the requested healing. A Reiki practitioner uses Reiki healing to consciously direct universal life energy that affects the electromagnetic fields surrounding the person to bring about balance and stimulate their body’s own natural healing ability.
When we realize that everything around us contains energy, including our thoughts, it helps us understand that we can influence how to use energy for healing. Reiki practitioners are trained to send Reiki healing at a distance to someone in need. In this way, Reiki is like prayer, in that you do not need to have a person physically present in order to pray for him or her. A Reiki practitioner can send healing energy not only at a distance but back in time as well to heal an issue, or forward in time to help manifest good results. A good example – we often send Reiki in advance of a surgery intending the surgery be a success. Another good example: dwelling on negative thoughts will often manifest as physical illness. In opposition, positive thoughts encourage the natural flow of positive energy and can result in better health and spiritual balance.
Reiki healing works by releasing blockages in the aura, and around as well as inside the organs that disrupt the flow of chi or energy. After blockages are released, the Reiki practitioner fills in the area with the higher vibrational energy of Reiki. The results received vary by session and individual. Reiki practitioners can never promise any specific results, but the more that the receiver intends to be open to the energy, the more energy will flow. Most people feel deeply relaxed and sleep better after a Reiki healing session and might also feel more peaceful and happier. At Whole Life Center, we promote the Reiki healing approach and offer classes for those who want to learn and practice how to heal with Reiki. In Reiki classes, you will learn about the Reiki symbols and how they are used to access Divine healing energy.
If you are interested in learning more about Reiki healing, the art of Reiki, or any other topics surrounding your emotional, spiritual, and physical health, contact the Whole Life Center in Kansas City at (816) 523-4440. You can also use our online form to send us an email for more information or you can view class descriptions on our website. We look forward to helping you achieve balance and well-being no matter what life brings

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