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Energy Healing Greatly Benefits People and Pets

Energy healing focuses on tapping into the body’s own energy field to boost healing in both human beings and animals. Practitioners of this method of healing call on the spiritually guided life force energy from the Universe to bring about healing and well-being. It is a highly effective method of healing in which powerful Divine …Continue Reading…

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How Energy Healing Benefits Everyday Life

Energy healing is a powerful approach to wellness that can revolutionize your life. Importantly, it can benefit everyone – even pets. Within the Divine Universe, a complex network of energy connects everyone and everything. An invisible current of energy flows through the body, profoundly impacting its systems. It enhances a person’s vast potential for improved …Continue Reading…

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Reiki Practitioner in Kansas City Offering Classes

Reiki practitioner, Karen Harrison, at Whole Life Center in Kansas City is offering classes now! Ever wondered what Reiki is and how to use it? Reiki is a Japanese term that means ‘spiritually guided life force energy’, and the technique is used for pain and stress reduction. Reiki practitioners offer complimentary healing of every known illness to …Continue Reading…

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Holy Fire® Reiki Classes Online or In Person

Holy Fire® Reiki classes may be something you want to explore if you are interested in alternative healing methods or natural medicine.  You may have heard of reiki, the Japanese technique for healing. Usui Reiki was created by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century, and has been used around the world to bring …Continue Reading…

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Holy Fire® Reiki Classes in Kansas City or Online

What is Holy Fire® Reiki? You may have heard of Reiki, a Japanese technique for healing that was created by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. It has been used throughout the world to promote healing, relieve stress, and increase quality of life for those who practice it. Holy Fire® Reiki is a …Continue Reading…

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Essential Oil Classes: How To Safely Use Essential Oils During Cold and Flu Season

Essential oil classes at Whole Life Center in Kansas City cover a wide range of topics, including how to use essential oils to help boost immunity during cold and flu season. You may already know that essential oils offer amazing benefits to help improve whole-body health. But most people are not aware of WHY they work, …Continue Reading…

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Spiritual Healing Draws on Divine Energy to Help Restore Health

Spiritual healing is a method that practitioners of Reiki around the world utilize to bring about whole body health and well-being through the laying on of hands technique. We call on God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus for healing energy as it is the most powerful energy. We do not have the power of Jesus, but …Continue Reading…

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Energy Healing: A Powerful, Long-lasting Approach To Wellness

Energy healing can be beneficial in treating illness and emotional pain through a variety of techniques – Chakra healing, bio-energy healing, acupuncture, acupressure and Reiki. We know that universal life force energy flows through every living creature. Through the Reiki approach, powerful healing energy is activated to help clear away blockages of negative energy and …Continue Reading…

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Essential Oil Classes Available Through Whole Life Center In Kansas City

Essential oil classes at Whole Life Center teach others about the practical uses of the natural oils. Classes are offered in Kansas City, St Louis, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Omaha, and online. Classes instruct students in the miracles of aromatherapy and include discussion on how essential oils are made, how to diffuse them, how to …Continue Reading…

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21 Day Self-Reiki Challenge

21-Day Self-Reiki Challenge by Karen Harrison, Ed.S., LCPC, LCMFT First published in Reiki News Magazine Summer 2020 21DayChallenge – click to download the article Are you a Reiki teacher? Do your students give themselves Reiki daily? Do you know if they do? I have taught hundreds of students since 1998, and I know some of …Continue Reading…

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